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    Hi-- Not sure if you can help with this, but figured I'd ask. There are a large number of street lights in our complex that have been out for over 6 weeks. I reported them to the complex over 6 weeks ago, and the complex told Georgia Power about them (the complex says Georgia Power owns the lights and are responsible for fixing them). But Georgia Power has not fixed the lights yet nor even given us a timeline for the fix. Is there anything the city can do to help get Georgia Power to fix these lights? Here is a list of the broken lights. Thank you!

    --The street light in front of the club house is out
    --The street light at the turnoff to buildings 22-28 is out
    --The two street lights between the rental office and front gate keeping going off and on every few minutes
    --The street light at the mail center just before the club house is out.
    --The street light between buildings 22-28 and the mail center keeps going off and on
    --The street light across the street from the tennis court (the court near the club house) keeps going off and on
    --As you exit the complex, the second street light on the right after you exit the gate is constantly turning off and on.
    --The first street light on either side as you drive into the complex from Holcomb Bridge road are intermittently out