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  • Helen St. & Artic St. Bridgeport, Connecticut - Bridgeport
    Please help me find my baby, Lemon!! She left my property on 1/3]/19. She is a medium, tan & white terrier mix. She has a dog tag with my info. Report made with city of Bridgeport Animal shelter. Please help me find my sweet girl!! My family is devastated because she's missing.
  • Corner Of Artic & Helen St Bridgeport, Connecticut - Bridgeport
    Unfortunately vacant property (2nd house) on corner of Artic & Helen has now become an inn for drug users, prostitutes and homeless people. This vacant property is next door to 161-163 Helen St. Now that 161 is boarded up these individuals have moved in next door. Questionable men and a lady enter property and continue to try to reenter the boarded up property. Please dispatch enviromental health to the vacant property on Artic and Helen st!! These same individuals peer into parked cars. City officials, please board up this house!!
  • Helen St Bridgeport, Connecticut - Bridgeport
    PROPERTY NEXT TO 163 Helen St. Squatters from 161-163 Helen St., have now moved into the empty house next door!! It never ends with these squatters breaking into vacant homes!! Individuals enter and exit vacant property all hours of the day and night!! City officials, PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE!! Rid squatters from this property as they smoke weed and crack in and around the property! This property neighbors homes with small children and elderly folks!! wE AS NEIGHBORS TO THIS HOME SHOULD NOT LIVE WITH OUR WINDOWS SHUT BECAUSE OF THE HAZARDOUS FUMES!! PLEASE HELP OUR NEIGHBORHOOD BE A COMFORTABLE NEIGHBORHOOD AN NOT A WELCOMING ENVIRONMENT FOR DRUG DEALERS, DRUG USERS AND PROSTITUTION!!!
  • Barnum And Helen St Bridgeport, Connecticut - Bridgeport
    This motor home has to go!! It is a sore eye to the neighborhood and a tragedy waiting to happen!! The motor home is occupied by an older man who lounges shirtless cooking up a feast on an open fire!! I pass this vehicle daily and notice children and women needing to pass by this vehicle. Is the city of Bridgeport waiting for tragedy to strike?? City of Bridgeport get this veteran the proper help he deserves! This older man posses danger to himself and to others!!! Lets not make front page of our local news with a tragedy that can be avoided!!