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    2071 Ringling Blvd sarasota, Florida - Downtown
    phone system for the public defenders office is not working. the main number (941) 861-5500 is rolling directly into a general mailbox. Usually when you call and the operator does not answer, it gives you the option to dial the extension of the person you are trying to reach. Since Sunday, there is no way to get transferred to a public defender's direct line, or get into the mailbox system to leave a message on an extension for a defender. it is almost like the "night bell" has been turned on at the main switch board.
  • 659 Tropical Cir Siesta Key Florida - Siesta Key
    House flipper bought and renovated and is trying to sell this house.... no one lives in this house.... June 15 they began demolition for the remodel, which included tearing down the existing cage. They say they are now finished with the remodel, but they have neither replaced the pool cage, nor installed a fence, nor other child abatement. They say they have no plans to install a fenced and that the house was renovated to code. There is a grave concern in the neighborhood, as there are small children living in direct proximity, and the house is vacant. Any claim that the cage was damaged during Irma is false. They tore the cage down in June, long before the storm.