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  • 45th St. & Duval Park Blvd St Petersburg, Florida - West and East Lealman

    We have a problem of blight in our neighborhood sir since the hurricane its only gotten worse. Fence pieces have fallen down. Overgrown trees blocking the sidewalk. Overgrown grass. Street sign down. Its becoming an even worse eyesore than ever. as well as a continuing safety hazard .
    You see sir this community has only one way in and one way out "Duval Park Boulevard" and its become a filthy mess since the hurricane. Duval Park is a community of Disabled Veterans and low income residents with many children. The children walk Duval Park Boulevard to their school bus stop and many Disabled Veterans with"Walkers and Canes" Powered Wheel Chairs and such also must use Duval Boulevard to get to the city bus stop on 54th Avenue and 45th Street.v

    Please Help
    Thank You
    All The Best
    Paul Mabry