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  • 2-98 Ledge Hill St Randolph, MA, 02368, USA - Randolph
    Please address the overgrown vegetation and trash build up on the sidewalk staring from 3 ledge hill to 10 ledge hill. the sidewalk is currently not useable.
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    3b Ledge Hill St RANDOLPH, MA - Randolph
    Please fix the sidewalk near the light pole at 3B Ledge hill st
  • Ledge Hill Randolph, Massachusetts - Randolph
    The recycling has not been picked up for over a month now
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    Ledge Hill Randolph, Massachusetts - Randolph
    I opened a Work order for the odd side of ledge street at the beginning of the summer and other neighbors have done the same for the same issue. after the initial work order was addressed, it revealed the fact that this side of the street has been neglected for yours and at some point, it was used as a dumping site. there are now; construction debris, bottles, cans, and regular household trash exposed. please let us know if this could be dealt with as it is a health issue, it both smells and looks awful. I have begun picking up the trash but, the work needed requires a big effort.
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    3 Ledge Hill Street Randolph Massachusetts - Randolph
    The odd side of ledge hill street has been unusable for nearly a year now, it is both unsafe and hard to look at. I had brought up this issue in fall but, it was not addressed.
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    3b Ledge Hill St Randolph, Massachusetts - Randolph

    Please clean and repair the side walk on the left side of the beginning of Ledge hill st. see attached picture.

    Thank you,