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    5808 Corona Ave Ne Albuquerque Nm 87113 USA - Albuquerque

    I would like to bring to your attention a property at 5808 Corona Ave NW area. This tenant or Owner is fixing cars on the public street and parking his cars in front of other peoples property. It has been witnessed that he disposes of his used motor car oil across the street onto the ground. He also has many things in his car port area which looks like a he is using the space as storage. He has been a nuisance to many of the other residence with verbal threats towards them. I have personally tried to talk to him but he gets upset. I do believe that it will take someone who has the authority to get him to comply with city ordinances. I do not know his name, and he has been a big nuisance to all those neighbors who live around him. Anything that you could do would be very much appreciated. The police have been called on him numerous times and they really can not do anything without the proper authority to bring the action against him, which would be very much appreciated.

    Thank you,

    Concerned Citizen