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  • Ebster Park - Decatur
    The playground at Ebster needs a shade structure. It is unusable in sunny weather, as kids get burned trying to play there.
  • Ebster Park - Decatur
    The playground next to the Ebster Park Pool is in desperate need of a shade structure. Yesterday my son went down the slide and burned his arm on the hot plastic. As it stands the equipment is unusable in full sun.
  • 450 East Lake Dr Decatur, GA 30030, USA - Decatur
    Benches needed in women and disabled restroom and locker room at Oakhurst Indoor Pool. There is nowhere to sit down safely while changing in a room with wet and slippery floors!!!!
  • Boys And Girls Club 450 East Lake Drive, Decatur, GA 30030 - Decatur
    The new indoor pool in Oakhurst is a wonderful addition to our community. However the women's locker room where swimmers change before and after swimming has nowhere for people to sit or place their things while changing. I and others there struggle to change standing up on a slippery floor or covered the bathroom sink area with our things and held on there. It is likely someone will fall without a solid bench or seating area particularly for those with any physical disabilities. I can't speak for the men's room but I imagine the same is true there. Please add benches to the locker rooms!