David Napierala

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  • Pothole Archived
    Milton Road/Brookfield Road Pasadena, Maryland - Pasadena
  • 1-99 East West Boulevard Pasadena, Maryland - Severna Park
    This is not an abandoned vehicle but I saw no other way to report this. I commute daily to DC, and to get home I typically take East West Hwy and cross Richie Hwy to get home. On many occasions I witness cars going straight from the left turn only lane encroaching on the vehicles that are legally going straight in the "go straight" lane. It really annoys me when I see AA County Police doing this, they are supposed to be enforcing the law and yet they do not and practice in this illegal activity as well. I have reported this in the past and I am now reporting this today. At 4:50 pm, I witnessed an AACounty Police Cruiser, MD plate AA2007, I think it was #533, not positive but i am positive of the plate, appeared to be a female driver, go straight from the left turn only lane, forcing me to allow her to cut in front of me after I followed the law and waited to get to Pasadena road legally. This behavior is unacceptable, the Eastern Division isn't even 2 tenths of a mile from this area. Would I have been at fault had I not let this car go in front of me? Please, do something about this activity.