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  • 1213 Westwood Ave Richmond, VA, 23227, USA - Sherwood Park
    There is a river of mud running straight into the city's sewer system. This construction company has done little to stem the flow of dirt and debris running into the city's already over burdened storm drains. Richmond has gone through great lengths to bring awareness to water runoff problems, as well as charging a tax to home for this service. It is very disturbing to see this issue blatantly disregarded by the developer.
  • 1642 U.S. 33 Richmond Virginia - Newtowne West
    The sign that indicate proper traffic patterns for this intersection need to be clarified. There have multiple accidents here due to the fact that it is unclear if north bound traffic can go through the intersection or not. There used to be a sign indicating it was ok to go straight thru (from the South side of Broad on Allen to the North side). It needs to be returned.
  • 907 Westwood Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Ginter Park
    This intersection is extremely dangerous. High hedges, blocked traffic lights by trees, and no signs indicating that drivers need to be aware, make this intersection a common place for frequent accidents. I have posted this before but unfortunately it is now because my daughter and i were involved in an accident for the very reasons I have been complaining about.