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    15504 Corliss Avenue North Shoreline, Washington - Shoreline

    You said not to add my clarification to the previous request so I copied and pasted previous info to below.... YES there IS a crosswalk at 155th & Meridian.... NO there is NO crosswalk at 155th & CORLISS., 155th & Corliss is the intersection the other person was talking about regarding the large row of hedge trees on the corner of 155th & CORLISS that could block the view for turning cars.. Many many people cross at this intersection even tho there is no crosswalk since it leads right into the park........ The previous ID issue #Issue ID: 5139837 for your information....

    Acknowledged City of Shoreline (Verified Official)
    Thank you for contacting the City of Shoreline. We have assigned service request number 15682 for our Customer Response Team to respond and investigate.
    If you have any further questions please contact us at 206-801-2700.
    Thank you.
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    . Denise (Registered User)
    there is no crosswalk at this intersection and to put one in, would be a HUGE help. This is a back entrance to the park area and people crossing 155th into the park is done A LOT so putting in a crosswalk would be very beneficial at this spot.... re: the tall trees.... this is his 2nd planting in approx. 3 years to try to replace the first batch that ended up dying. This batch also looks like they may not make it tho.........
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    .City of Shoreline (Verified Official)
    Denise, could you please provide more information? PLEASE open up a new request. Do not add the information to this existing issue.
    The map for both program and SCF focuses on the Meridian/155th intersection – the complaint claims there is no crosswalk there, and there most definitely is so I’m wondering if this person intended a different location.

    City of Shoreline