• Alexander Rd Bedford, OH, 44146, USA - Oakwood
    There is a HUGE,uncovered crack in East-Bound turning lane of the Alexander Road Bridge over I-271. It nearly stretches across HALF the street and is about a 18 inches DEEP! Please put orange cones
    by it and repair it a.s.a.p..
  • 3600-3704 Biddulph Avenue Cleveland, Ohio - Old Brooklyn
    Huge 2 foot wide HOLE in the middle of the street. Located in the middle of the northbound lane. Between the church and a parking lot. You CAN't MISS IT. Please patch this up a.s.a.p. !
  • 3000 Brookpark Road Cleveland, Ohio - US Congressional District OH10
    In the westbound passing lane there are a series of HUGE pot-holes that both myself and hundreds of other motorist hit every morning on this poorly lit stretch of Brookpark Road. PLEASE fill in these holes A.S.A.P..
  • 2941-2999 East 34th Street Cleveland, Ohio - North Broadway
    There is an uncovered DIP(HOLE) in the north bound RIGHT lane.
    It's 1 foot deep and about 6 FEET Wide across! It's a man-made dip in the road that has been left uncovered for at least 2 MONTHS. If no one is going to fix it, at LEAST put down some orange cones until you do! Please attend to this road hazard.
  • 3421 Ralph Avenue Cleveland, Ohio - Old Brooklyn
    There are two huge deep potholes located in the center of the street near a huge BLACK PATCH in the road that was recently filled. Ironically, the construction workers were walking 10 feet past these
    holes as they worked on the other crack. PLEASE FILL THESE HOLES TOO.
  • 2504 Ralph Avenue Cleveland, Ohio - Old Brooklyn
    A huge pothole about 2 feet round and 3 feet DEEP is located less than 20 feet from the stop sign on Ralph street. Please fill it.
  • 2715 Brookpark Road Parma, Ohio - Cleveland
    The entire westbound right lane of Brookpark Road from 2715 to Ridge Road is just covered with more potholes than anyone could possibly count! They have been recently filled with silly putty. It's one of the most jacked-up roads in Northeast Ohio! It's like driving across railroad tracks at 35 mph! This will take time.
  • 4925 State Road Cleveland, Ohio - Old Brooklyn
    There is a HUGE pothole in the LEFT eastbound turning lane at the I-480 entrance on State Road! Almost all drivers are forced to hit this pothole if they want to get on the freeway coming from Parma.One of the potholes about 2 to 3 feet deep and wide! Please, Please, PLEASE fix ALL the potholes in this turning lane.
  • 3737 Pearl Road Cleveland, Ohio - Brooklyn Center
    This specific ROAD HAZARD consist of a squared off hole in the center of the street (about 1.5 ft. deep with a manhole in the center of it). I've damaged my vehicle TWICE on the SAME whole within the past 2 months!! PLEASE FIX THIS A.S.A.P.! It's located directly across from the library in the middle lane. If you're headed south bound, you can't help but run over it daily!
  • 2911 Brookpark Road Parma, Ohio - Parma
    On the westbound lane of Brookpark Road are several huge potholes across a section of the road that stretches all the way
    by the RTA pick-up area. Please fill these holes.
  • 5120-5198 Broadview Road Cleveland, Ohio - Old Brooklyn
    There are multiple potholes at corner or Brookpark Road and Broadview Road on either side or the street. Please patch these up!!
  • 2112 Ralph Avenue Cleveland, Ohio - Old Brooklyn
    At the corner of Ralph Avenue and Broadview Road is a pothole that covers both lanes of Ralph Avenue! It's big enough to hide a grand piano and STILL have room leftover to lay down in it!
    PLEASE do something about this before someone gets killed falling into it or driving over it!
  • 4656 Broadview Road Cleveland, Ohio - Old Brooklyn
    Right at the inter-section where Broadview Road meets Schaaf Road is a huge deep pot hole that traffic in both lanes seem to run into regularly . It's easy to find on a clear day but unavoidable at night!
  • 2941-2999 West 30th Street Cleveland, Ohio - Ohio City-West Side
    Starting in the northbound lane at corner of Walton Avenue is a series of HUGE "cemetery plot-sized" pot holes stretching all the way to Wade Avenue. Seriously, there are more potholes in that one area then I can possibly count! Some of them are large enough to fit an adult sized bicycle in! PLEASE repair these a.s.a.p. or at least place some orange cones over there.
  • 3390 West 47th Street Cleveland, Ohio - Clark Fulton
    There are more random pot holes throughout this street than
    I can possibly count.! The worst cluster of potholes on this street starts at the Storer Avenue end of the street. Please make an effort to get some of these potholes filled. All of this streets residents will deeply appreciate it.
  • 3380-3392 West 52nd Street Cleveland, Ohio - Stockyards
    The harsh Cleveland winter weather this year has unfilled this streets multiple potholes. From the beginning to the end of this street is like driving on the surface of the moon! Please repair these holes soon!
  • 2011-2099 Cook Avenue Cleveland, Ohio - Old Brooklyn
    At the corner of Broadview Road and Cook Street are 2 huge pot holes in center of the street. It is nearly impossible to enter and exit Cook street without driving into one! Please repair them A.S.A.P.!
  • 5101-5119 Broadview Road Cleveland, Ohio - Old Brooklyn
    Right along side the Broadview Road entrance of a shopping plaza there is a chunky section of road with multiple potholes.
    This is a definite hazard to all motorist whom shop at this plaza!
    Please help correct this issue!
  • 4845-4847 Broadview Road Cleveland, Ohio - Old Brooklyn
    There are a huge set of potholes for all the vehicles to drive over when ever they enter or exit these apartment complexes. PLEASE have them filled!
  • 3818 Memphis Avenue Cleveland, Ohio - Old Brooklyn
    The south bound stretch of this road is covered with a series of multiple potholes. This pothole section of the road is about 12 feet in length and about 6 feet wide! It's definitely damaging a lot vehicles whom drove over it. PLEASE FIX IT!!