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  • Byscane North Port, Florida - North Port
    Jeffery canal/pond the aquatic plants and grass's are over growing in this canal, plus all of it cannot go through under the pan american over pass / bridge. We cannot fish because our lines get caught in the plants plus it clogs up in front of peoples slopes part of yards. All of the overgrowth just grows more and more soon it will afect the oxygen levels of the water and it will becom ed stagnant. Also at the end near of thed canal at byscane across Hyde and the library over growth of every thing looks terrible . I went to the city last year and nothing was done about this some one please help with this isse thanks
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    4970 City Hall Boulevard North Port, FL - North Port
    The canal between Pan American and Biscayne is overgrown with aquatic plants so overgrown that a neigbors had a relatives dog thought it was solid green like ground grass covered he ran and jumped on it went under the water right where the 5ft gator was pleas help clear the overgrown aquatic plants thank you