Mary Jo

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  • 400 Baja Ct. Gallup, New Mexico - Gallup
    25 yr. Neighbors the Matsutonies refuse to restrain their two dogs, a Big shepherdMix & a heeler, as they go to the prairies between the west end of Zia Drive by the north side of my home and Coyote Canyon Subdevision every time there walked - usually 2X/Daily they create mayhem racing through the private properties at 300 & 402 Baja Ct .barking, pooping, & peeing as they go The owners refuse to put them on leashes even tho they have fine harnesses just made to have a leash attached. Lawbreaking does not bother the owners in this matter -- usually(or 25 years except when it comes to restraining their various pairs of dogs.) fine, cooperative neighbors.