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    10 Marie Ave Cambridge 02139, United States - Mid-Cambridge
    Delivery trucks routinely - and way too often - stop in the middle of (narrow, impassable) streets to make deliveries, even when there are spaces into which they can pull. I’m tired of losing minutes (that add up) of my commute time to these ppl who feel entitled to hold up traffic - even when they see there are cars behind them! - and who are too lazy to pull over a bit further away from their target addresses in order to allow traffic to flow freely. Other people need to get to work (in time) and do their jobs, too!
  • 41 Pleasant St Cambridge, MA, 02139, USA - Riverside

    It's that time of year. The beautiful garden at the intersection of Pleasant Street and Western Ave is luxuriant enough to block the view up Western Ave from Pleasant St, making it hazardous to enter traffic on Western.

    Can you have it trimmed back?

  • 470-498 Brookline St Cambridge, MA, 02139, USA - Cambridgeport
    This rotary - in the after-work hours - is just insanity. There are cars coming westbound off Memorial that are trying to loop around the rotary and go over to the Boston side of the bridge, cars coming down from Sydney Street in Cambridge trying to get onto the rotary and then off to Memorial Drive, and cars coming from Boston to Cambridge that are unable to penetrate the backed-up traffic to go straight through & up Brookline Street to Cambridge. Something has to be done with timed lights or something. It's absolutely ridiculous trying to get home from work - EVERY DAY!!!
  • City Of Cambridge MA, USA - Riverside

    I don't know how this can be addressed, but pedestrian crosswalks in Cambridge at night are sooooooo dangerous. Between the habit of wearing black by most urban people, darkness, and oncoming headlights, it is sometimes (usually) IMPOSSIBLE to see pedestrians in the crosswalks. I usually remember to approach a crosswalk more slowly at night, but still I have almost hit people too many times for comfort, and the pedestrians seem to have no idea how much danger they are putting themselves in by exercising ZERO caution when crossing.

    Like I said, I don't know how this can be addressed, but are there any mechanisms, like blinking lights that could activate in the crosswalk when a person crosses?

    I know that sounds like big bucks, but how much is a life worth?

    Any other solutions?

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    778-784 Memorial Dr Cambridge MA, 02139, USA - Cambridgeport
    Big potholes on Mem Drive btwn River St & BU Bridge exit. Probably elsewhere along its stretch as well, but this is where I noticed. Potholes on higher-speed streets = bigger damage to cars.
  • 9 Marie Ave Cambridge Ma 02139 USA - Mid-Cambridge

    This is the clearing-out work I did on my driveway on Marie Ave (~7-9 Marie Ave) this morning (Sunday, Jan 20). It is heavy, almost impossible to lift, and even more so since I have a disability. Some of it I did by driving my car back and forth across the mouth of the driveway; then I used a shovel to try to remove any remaining ruts and grooves.

    This is all I have the capacity to do. It is raining now, and will be refreezing tonight and tomorrow, so if the city compromises the work I've done with their snowplows, I will be re-posting, and will have to insist that the City come back out to clear it.

    In larger terms, though, the City needs to start making plans to remove snow, rather than plowing in tax-paying residents (driveways OR resident street parking!).

    Sorry for the length of this - but it's a real issue every winter.

  • 121 Inman Street Cambridge Massachusetts - Mid-Cambridge

    I wish I could post multiple pictures because I took at least 6 as I inched down Inman Street yesterday morning - along with a parade of other commuters - behind a garbage truck.

    I respect that these men & women have important jobs to do, and theirs are jobs most of us would not want. But when they unnecessarily hold up other people trying to get to work, reciprocal respect is lacking.

    A little before 8am yesterday I opted for Inman St to drive to get down & through Central Square, only to join a parade of - at that time - about 10 cars creeping along behind a garbage truck. It soon became probably 20 cars; idling and creating more exhaust than the residents along Inman St probably wanted, as well as frustrated (and ever-increasingly late-for-work) commuters.

    THE POINT: as I crawled down Inman, there were SO MANY PLACES the garbage truck could''ve EASILY pulled over to let traffic go by. But they didn't. I was made 45 minutes late to work because of this; first with the slow crawl down Inman; second having to join a denser mob of commuters than I would have had to contend with at an earlier hour, and because when I got to work I had to drive around for another 15m looking for a parking space - something I don't usually have a problem with, again, at an earlier hour. Yes, even 15m makes that difference.

    PLEASE ask the good trash collectors of our city to give their fellow workers a break during the morning rush, and if there are places they can pull over as they move down the length of a long (and narrow, usually one-way) street, to please do so. There was really no excuse for this.

  • 45-47 Maple Avenue Cambridge Massachusetts - Mid-Cambridge

    Maple Ave has been torn up end-to-end since early summer to work on pipes beneath. My tap water has tasted funny over the past 5-6 days, and is faintly tinged brown. I have had gastro-intestinal problems as well, since I started noticing the change in my drinking water.

    Could all the work on the pipes possibly have damaged pipes bringing water to my house? How can I get my water tested by the City?

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    33 Beacon Street Somerville, Massachusetts - Somerville
    Open trash bag spilling out half-full take-out food containers.
  • 48 Maple Avenue Cambridge, Massachusetts - Mid-Cambridge

    Dead tree. I reported this TWICE already; ~3 and then ~2 months ago. The tree is still there.

    Please take it down before a good NE wind knocks it into someone's property, or onto a car!

  • 274 Putnam Avenue Cambridge, Massachusetts - Cambridgeport

    For cars driving SOUTH on Putnam, there is often considerable back-up on Putnam caused by cars waiting to make the LEFT turn onto River St (heading EAST). There is no room for cars backed up behind these waiting cars to continue on through the intersection on Putnam, and prevent the back-up.

    Maybe a LEFT TURN signal for ~5 seconds (or so) to allow the south-bound traffic to clear the intersection and prevent this back-up?


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    45 Maple Ave Cambridge 02139, United States - Mid-Cambridge

    I’m glad as a community we have brought composting into our weekly p/u, but I am having trouble with the biodegradable bags dissolving in the countertop container before I have enough in there to warrant taking it out (seems like a waste of bags). Plus, they’re going to dissolve outside before p/u just as they do indoors. Either way, stinky water ends up in the indoor countertop bin, or outside in the sidewalk bin - both result in messes that need clean up.

    What to do about this?

  • 69 Scott Street Cambridge Massachusetts - Agassiz-Harvard

    I would like to ask the city of Cambridge to look into the advantage of replacing what is now a Right-turn arrow in the traffic light at this intersection (the traffic light is on Beacon/Scott facing Park Street) with a Left-turn green arrow, with a 3-5 second delay, to create a window for cars turning left from Park onto Beacon, which most of the cars waiting on Park at that intersection do.

    As it is, the Right-turn arrow is silly bc practically no cars make a Right turn from Park onto Beacon, and cars trying to make the Left are blocked by a steady stream of cars coming straight across Beacon from Scott onto Park.

    The result - with the current configuration - is that only one, or maybe two cars trying to make that Left from Park onto Beacon, are able to do so. So traffic backs up on Park, and the drivers waiting there who are wishing to make the turn get impatient from the slow progress, and rush through the light as it changes - and after it's changed - because the light is currently so short.

    A Left-turn arrow for cars turning Left from Park onto Beacon - with a 3-5 second lead - could really improve what is otherwise a very frustrating, inefficient, and fairly dangerous intersection.

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    1423 Cambridge Street Cambridge Massachusetts - Mid-Cambridge

    This post regards mo-ped use in the city, both in terms of excessive noise and now, for me, public safety.

    On Wed July 18, I was riding my bike up Cambridge Street heading west from Inman Sq. I was in a section that had no bike lane but I was well to the side. Suddenly an extremely loud, high-pitched, ragged noise of a mo-ped burst some distance behind me, maybe coming from the traffic light in Inman Sq, The sound was so loud and distressing, and the speed with which the mo-ped was apparently coming up behind me - was distressing and scary. There was a long stretch between some parked cars to my right so I moved a bit further over to allow this menace to go around me. It continued to whine and scream behind me but would not pass. I glanced behind to see where it was, and when I looked back up I wobbled and crashed, landing face-first on the concrete curb. My face was bashed and my back/neck snapped. A bystander called 911 and I was taken by ambulance to the ER where I got scans and xrays. I have a fracture in my cheekbone, a fracture in my collarbone and a concussion; plus the abject trauma of the accident both in physical and psychological/emotional terms. It could have been so much worse.

    The mo-ped did not stop and no one got the plate or description.

    I have been disturbed before by the excessive noise of a mo-ped in my neighborhood, but now this noise has moved from irritant and nuisance to dangerous. I am suggesting the city craft more specific laws regarding mo-peds in terms of noise and rules for their use in our city.

  • 24 Pleasant Street Cambridge Massachusetts - Riverside
    It's really hard to enter traffic on Western Ave by car from Pleasant Street bc of the (very pretty but also) very tall flowers on the corner there. The flowers make it very hard see up Western and thus oncoming cars.
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    2–98 Marie Ave Cambridge 02139 United States - Mid-Cambridge

    The 2 driveways next to each other at this section of Marie - which is utilized by 5 separate owners of residences on both sides of the 2 driveways - is too often used by work trucks and other sorts of vehicles.

    The times I have caught them pulling in here (one of the driveways is mine), and ask them to not park there, I am responded to with unhelpful comments like “we’re only going to be here for like an hour”. If I persist, they sometimes become unpleasant, or just ignore me. I have watched neighbors be similarly inconvenienced when trying to exit or enter their driveways.

    Is there any sort of “no parking anytime” signs that could be placed to bracket the space created by the 2 driveways, or a painted curb? I think most of us would greatly appreciate not having to get involved in annoying or irksome back-and-forths, or made late for appointments.

    Thank you.

  • 110 Hampshire Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - The Port

    Truck blocking bike lane; no driver or other human with truck.

    These kinds of blocks really should be ticketed. It puts cyclists at risk when we have to move out into the main part of the street to go around such obstacles.

  • 5 Marie St Cambridge Massachusetts - Mid-Cambridge
    Still sitting there; 2 days now.
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    45 Maple Avenue Cambridge Massachusetts - Mid-Cambridge

    The intersection at Maple and Marie has a toddler/young child playground on the SW corner of this intersection.

    We occasionally get a speeding car coming from Cambridge Street, and racing down Maple to Broadway. Whenever I hear one of these speeding cars coming down the street, I wait with my heart in my throat, picturing the many parents with strollers and little kids in tow crossing at this intersection as they arrive at or leave the park, or as they stand near the intersection chatting with friends. This is a (usually) very quiet street and a speeding car is an anomaly - I don't think these parents would ever expect a speeding car near them and their children, and I really fear there is going to be a terrible tragedy at this intersection one of these days.

    Maple Ave was recently torn up to replace some pipes, and it will be repaired/repaved at some point (I hope!). I would like to suggest that the city incorporate into this repair a raised speed square at the intersection of Maple & Marie to help slow cars down as they approach the area where this playground is. Not only do these speeders put the small children and parents who utilize the playground at risk, they put anyone going about their business down the length Maple Ave at considerable risk as well.

  • 5 Marie Ave. Cambridge Massachusetts - Mid-Cambridge

    Both my little indoor compost bucket and my outdoor compost bin gets wet bc the (necessarily, of course) biodegradable bags break down so quickly.

    Any suggestions?

    The compost ppl would have missed my pick-up if I hadn't been out on my porch when they did Marie Ave. When I went to retrieve my bin after they dumped its contents in their truck, the bottom of the bin was full of stinking fluid and huge.....MAGGOTS!! Any more suggestions?? GAG ME!!!