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    1–99 Marie Ave Cambridge MA 02139, United States - Mid-Cambridge
    Someone left a half-yard waste bag full of scrap wood - some very sharp & splinter-y - on the sidewalk next to the curb. This is ~30 feet down Marie Ave from the intersection from Maple, on the north side of the street.
  • 9 Marie Avenue Cambridge, MA, 02139, USA - Mid-Cambridge

    I am disabled and the city snowplows tend to shove all the 1st part of Marie Avenue's snow into my and my neighbors' adjacent driveways when there's a storm. Since the two driveways make such a long, open space, the plows just naturally shove all the plowed snow into it, creating an enormous, long snow "mountain", usually compressed into much heavier snow from the plow. Marie Ave is a tiny, one-way street and there is no place to put the snow except into driveways and to bury cars.

    In the past I have tried to keep up with the deposited snow but with my disability I just can't, especially when the plows come multiple times. It is really terrible.

    I think once in the past I put this matter up here and the City had Bobcats come out once the plowing was over and clear out the driveways of plowed-in snow.

    Can this possibly be done for this storm? I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you -
    First Driveway/s on the Right, Marie Ave.

  • 1-99 Marie Ave Cambridge, MA, 02139, USA - Mid-Cambridge
    Tree branch blocking sidewalk on south side of Marie Ave,
  • 9-11 Marie Avenue Cambridge, MA, 02139, USA - Mid-Cambridge

    A big tree was knocked down onto 2 cars on Marie Ave. Seemed like one of those weird "super cell" events.

    I did notify the police, so it should be well in hand, but I just want the community to know in case there are wires (I don't see any) or other pedestrian dangers.

  • 53-55 Maple Avenue Cambridge, MA, 02139, USA - Mid-Cambridge

    2 workers from Cambridge Landscaping dug a hole for a tree (with an INSANELY, EXPLOSIVELY loud machine) at 7am this morning - and yes, I'm glad to have a new tree, and yeah, I get that 7am is when work is allowed to start - but their masks were inadequate.

    One worker wore a bandana - and it's been proven and published recently that bandanas do NOTHING to put a barrier up, coming or going, against COVID19 - and the other worker had a mask on...but it was on his chin. Not too effective.

    Can you please contact Cambridge Landscapers - who work all over the City, all the time - and remind them that their workers are not allowed to spread COVID19, just like the rest of us?

    Thank you.

  • Franklin St & River St Cambridge, MA, 02139, USA - Cambridgeport

    There are STILL no painted arrows on the asphalt indicating the lane split up ahead (Left lane for going straight across Mass Ave and Right lane for turning right onto Mass Ave).

    There is a longer stretch, prior to the point at which I took the photo, but this is where I stopped. Cars still approach the intersection from both lanes and try to crowd over into the Left lane to go straight across Mass Ave.

    How hard is it (these days) to paint some arrows on the pavement, and maybe even put up some (clearly-visible) signs? I get tired of missing the light because people (many who actually know the deal) try to move up front in the Right lane and then go straight across Mass Ave.

  • Pleasant St & Western Ave Cambridge, MA, 02139, USA - Riverside

    Tiny garden at Pleasant St/Western Ave has grown very lush and obscures view of oncoming traffic on Western Ave from stop sign at Pleasant St.

    Can you please cut it back a bitt?

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    253 Hampshire Street Somerville, MA, 02143, USA - Somerville
    Driver sitting in idling truck; ambient outdoor temp (~53F).
  • Maple Ave & Marie Ave Cambridge, MA, 02139, USA - Mid-Cambridge

    Serious Safety Issue - Risk of Small Child Injury or Death:

    This intersection - at Maple Ave. & Marie Ave. - has a tot playground. Cars - irregularly but often, and at any time of day or evening - barrel down Maple Ave. from Cambridge Street, treating Maple Ave. as a speedway and probable vent of road rage accumulated while navigating Inman Sq or elsewhere along Cambridge Street.

    This is ordinarily a very quiet and relaxed neighborhood, and families and caretakers with little tots access this park throughout the daytime, and evening in the summer, on every day of the week. Every single time I hear one of the aforementioned speeding cars, hitting peak acceleration just about at the tot park, my heart lurches into my throat bc I am waiting to hear the ghastly sounds of a child or family member being hit & killed.

    Maple Ave was ripped up Summer 2018 for repeated reports of a natural gas smell, and the road surface repair since has been - at best - piecemeal. I am hoping the City will be doing a proper repave of the street, but while they're at it it would make imminent sense to add a raised intersection here at Maple & Marie. The increase in safety will be vast and the potential for tragedy will be significantly reduced.


    I first reported this problem last summer and was told I would have to get signatures from the neighborhood showing overall support for such a feature. I have little-to-no time for such a thing as I work full time, and most of my neighbors do as well. However, having lived here since 2006, and, not only raising my own child here but watching (now) two generations of other little kids growing up here, I have no doubt such a feature would put many family's minds to rest.

    Please find out if there's a better way to get this done than my taking half a day to ring doorbells and another half to canvas the playground.

    Do we have to wait for a tragedy for a simple & intelligent repair to be implemented?

    Thank you.

  • 46 Lee Street Cambridge, MA, 02139, USA - Mid-Cambridge

    I saw the following posted this weekend:

    "Should residents be able to rake their leaves onto the street? I thought they were supposed to rack them up and pack in waste bags. This resident moved their leaves off their property and onto the street. All these excess leaves are potentially covering drains and when it rains, slippery conditions for pedestrians."

    The same day, I saw this same condition on Hancock, Lee, and Highland Streets in Cambridge. As the OP noted, i is a drain-clogging hazard, slip risk for pedestrians...but also just kind of sh*tty.

    Residents are required to bag their yard waste, not just (literally!) blow it off for someone else to deal with.


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    10 Marie Ave Cambridge 02139, United States - Mid-Cambridge
    Delivery trucks routinely - and way too often - stop in the middle of (narrow, impassable) streets to make deliveries, even when there are spaces into which they can pull. I’m tired of losing minutes (that add up) of my commute time to these ppl who feel entitled to hold up traffic - even when they see there are cars behind them! - and who are too lazy to pull over a bit further away from their target addresses in order to allow traffic to flow freely. Other people need to get to work (in time) and do their jobs, too!
  • 41 Pleasant St Cambridge, MA, 02139, USA - Riverside

    It's that time of year. The beautiful garden at the intersection of Pleasant Street and Western Ave is luxuriant enough to block the view up Western Ave from Pleasant St, making it hazardous to enter traffic on Western.

    Can you have it trimmed back?

  • 470-498 Brookline St Cambridge, MA, 02139, USA - Cambridgeport
    This rotary - in the after-work hours - is just insanity. There are cars coming westbound off Memorial that are trying to loop around the rotary and go over to the Boston side of the bridge, cars coming down from Sydney Street in Cambridge trying to get onto the rotary and then off to Memorial Drive, and cars coming from Boston to Cambridge that are unable to penetrate the backed-up traffic to go straight through & up Brookline Street to Cambridge. Something has to be done with timed lights or something. It's absolutely ridiculous trying to get home from work - EVERY DAY!!!
  • City Of Cambridge MA, USA - Riverside

    I don't know how this can be addressed, but pedestrian crosswalks in Cambridge at night are sooooooo dangerous. Between the habit of wearing black by most urban people, darkness, and oncoming headlights, it is sometimes (usually) IMPOSSIBLE to see pedestrians in the crosswalks. I usually remember to approach a crosswalk more slowly at night, but still I have almost hit people too many times for comfort, and the pedestrians seem to have no idea how much danger they are putting themselves in by exercising ZERO caution when crossing.

    Like I said, I don't know how this can be addressed, but are there any mechanisms, like blinking lights that could activate in the crosswalk when a person crosses?

    I know that sounds like big bucks, but how much is a life worth?

    Any other solutions?

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    778-784 Memorial Dr Cambridge MA, 02139, USA - Cambridgeport
    Big potholes on Mem Drive btwn River St & BU Bridge exit. Probably elsewhere along its stretch as well, but this is where I noticed. Potholes on higher-speed streets = bigger damage to cars.
  • 9 Marie Ave Cambridge Ma 02139 USA - Mid-Cambridge

    This is the clearing-out work I did on my driveway on Marie Ave (~7-9 Marie Ave) this morning (Sunday, Jan 20). It is heavy, almost impossible to lift, and even more so since I have a disability. Some of it I did by driving my car back and forth across the mouth of the driveway; then I used a shovel to try to remove any remaining ruts and grooves.

    This is all I have the capacity to do. It is raining now, and will be refreezing tonight and tomorrow, so if the city compromises the work I've done with their snowplows, I will be re-posting, and will have to insist that the City come back out to clear it.

    In larger terms, though, the City needs to start making plans to remove snow, rather than plowing in tax-paying residents (driveways OR resident street parking!).

    Sorry for the length of this - but it's a real issue every winter.

  • 121 Inman Street Cambridge Massachusetts - Mid-Cambridge

    I wish I could post multiple pictures because I took at least 6 as I inched down Inman Street yesterday morning - along with a parade of other commuters - behind a garbage truck.

    I respect that these men & women have important jobs to do, and theirs are jobs most of us would not want. But when they unnecessarily hold up other people trying to get to work, reciprocal respect is lacking.

    A little before 8am yesterday I opted for Inman St to drive to get down & through Central Square, only to join a parade of - at that time - about 10 cars creeping along behind a garbage truck. It soon became probably 20 cars; idling and creating more exhaust than the residents along Inman St probably wanted, as well as frustrated (and ever-increasingly late-for-work) commuters.

    THE POINT: as I crawled down Inman, there were SO MANY PLACES the garbage truck could''ve EASILY pulled over to let traffic go by. But they didn't. I was made 45 minutes late to work because of this; first with the slow crawl down Inman; second having to join a denser mob of commuters than I would have had to contend with at an earlier hour, and because when I got to work I had to drive around for another 15m looking for a parking space - something I don't usually have a problem with, again, at an earlier hour. Yes, even 15m makes that difference.

    PLEASE ask the good trash collectors of our city to give their fellow workers a break during the morning rush, and if there are places they can pull over as they move down the length of a long (and narrow, usually one-way) street, to please do so. There was really no excuse for this.

  • 45-47 Maple Avenue Cambridge Massachusetts - Mid-Cambridge

    Maple Ave has been torn up end-to-end since early summer to work on pipes beneath. My tap water has tasted funny over the past 5-6 days, and is faintly tinged brown. I have had gastro-intestinal problems as well, since I started noticing the change in my drinking water.

    Could all the work on the pipes possibly have damaged pipes bringing water to my house? How can I get my water tested by the City?

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    33 Beacon Street Somerville, Massachusetts - Somerville
    Open trash bag spilling out half-full take-out food containers.
  • 48 Maple Avenue Cambridge, Massachusetts - Mid-Cambridge

    Dead tree. I reported this TWICE already; ~3 and then ~2 months ago. The tree is still there.

    Please take it down before a good NE wind knocks it into someone's property, or onto a car!