• 1493–1499 E Franklin St Richmond 23219, United States - Capitol District
    Homeless consistently trespassing on state property to sit and panhandle. There is trash and refuse everywhere because of them.
  • Bulk Trash Archived
    11 S 18th St Richmond 23223, United States - Shockoe Bottom
    Solar compactor broken. Recycling opening is sealed. Vessel is completely graffitied
  • 1493–1499 E Franklin St Richmond 23219, United States - Capitol District
    The itinerant panhandlers are clogging up the storm drains with their trash
  • E Franklin St & I-95 & E Franklin St Richmond, VA 23219, USA - Capitol District
    Storm drain is completely clogged with garbage from aggressive panhandlers who park at that corner to beg for money. Drain needs to be opened and flushed out. No way water is getting in there
  • Illegal parking Признана
    1717 E Main St Richmond, VA 23223, USA - Shockoe Bottom
    Consistent illegal parking on Main Street between 17th street and 18th streets along 1713 and 1731 addresses. Cars are parked or double parked there after 4pm during rush hour which congests traffic all the way up to 14th street and main. This an avoidable frustration for residents trying to get home. Get some parking attendants and let's make some money.
  • Shockoe Bottom - Shockoe Bottom
    There are cars that are frequently still Parked on the street after 4 PM on weekdays during rush hour. These cars choke up traffic and frustrate the commutes of people who live in Shockoe bottom. Send some parking attendance down and make some money
  • 2010 East Main Street Richmond Va - Shockoe Bottom
    Street lamp does not produce steady light. It goes out intermittently.