M Jones

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  • 9053 Kings Hill Place Cottonwood Heights, Utah - Salt Lake County
    The neighborhood should lobby for a decreased speed limit on Wasatch from the new traffic light north to the light at Bengal Blvd. A 30 mph limit is more suitable for the neighborhood and might encourage the through traffic to seek other routes north and south.
  • Wasatch Blvd Cottonwood Heights, Utah - Wasatch County
    With the increasing through traffic on Wasatch Blvd, it is becoming more dangerous to enter/exit the neighborhoods east of Wasatch. The traffic coming from Little Cottonwood Canyon doesn't stop or slow down and accidents have already happened. Before there is a fatal accident, there needs to be changes to recognize that this is a neighborhood street system as well as a thoroughfare. Would UDOT consider lowering the speed limit on this section of Wasatch Blvd to 30 mph between the new traffic light (going to La Caille) and the traffic light at Bengal Blvd? Please take this under consideration.
  • 8959 Wasatch Boulevard East Cottonwood Heights, Utah - Cottonwood Heights
    The new high-T intersection at Wasatch Blvd and Little Cottonwood Canyon Rd is dangerous and definitely not an improvement. I have seen several accidents already in the few months since it was completed and almost been hit by cars turning left onto Danish Rd across southbound traffic on Wasatch. Neither cars can see each other due to the dip in the road. The lack of a traffic light for northbound traffic from Little Cottonwood Canyon makes it extremely difficult and dangerous to get in and out of the Golden Hills neighborhood. This intersection should have been a roundabout, not the mess that has been created. What engineer designed this?