Mary Raimo

  • End Of Carter St. Ramp Carter St. near CHS, Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    When I drive down the ramp, there is a wonderful, attractive Welcoming sign But there is a mixed message because a few ffeet behind the sign is some trash, tire, wood, Maybe someone was cleaning and forgot to pick up this pile.
  • Tree problems Archived
    Corner Of County Road And Revere Beach Parkway East Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    We need a manager of free tree distribution. At the corner of County Road and the Revere Beach Parkway is a street sign the new tree planted blocks the street sign.
  • Other Archived
    Carter St Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    Carter St. across from Carter st. ramp, under expressway flooding issues when it rains.
  • Other Archived
    Carter St Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    Carter St. across from Carter st. ramp, under ezpressway flooding issues when it rains.
  • Street signs Archived
    65 Revere Beach Pky Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    There is a sign on the Revere Beach Parkway. It was covered in plastic. Located on the Parkway east just past County road. It was
    knocked down and needs to be picked up or replaced. Thank you
    Please notify DCR
  • Other Archived
    Carter And Orange Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    I recommend a crossing guard at the intersection of Carter and Orange. In the morning, the children are running back and forth in the street, maybe waiting for the school bus. If there is a school bus, maybe picking up a child with special needs, parked at the bottom of Carter Hill, this creates another obstacle seeing the children in the street.
  • Intersection Of Wash. Ave. Carter st., and County Road, Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    A sing is hanging on the chain link fence over the expressway at the intersection of Wash. Ave., County Rd., and Carter St. Another sign is attached to the fence at the corner of Everett Ave. and the Parkway. Those signs do not beautify the neighborhood
  • Pothole Archived
    65 Revere Beach Parkway Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    Pothole is located on the Revere Beach Parkway EAST, CHELSEA, just past County Road, fire hydrant, light pole.
    This is a State road.
  • 65 Revere Beach Parkway Chelsea, Massachusetts - Everett
    Route 16 is a State Road.
    The pot hole is increasing in size. When I back out of my driveway, I try not to hit it. I do not want to get a flat tire.
  • Pothole Archived
    Route 16 Just After The Hydrant Near County Road Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    The pothole is on the Parkway East past County Road, beyond the fire hydrant and electric pole. It is before Reynolds Ave.
    This road is under the jurisdiction of the State
  • 65 Revere Beach Parkway Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    I live at 65 Revere Beach Pky. East. My blind driveway is on the Pky.There are no houses from County Rd. to Reynolds Ave. So, none shovels. I cannot see the traffic when I try tot back out of my driveway because of the snow mounds.The issues are shoveling where none lives, amount of snow on the sidewalks deposited by the plows, and no place to put the snow anymore.
    It appears that the State is responsible for he Pky. The plow people do a great job on the road! But the residents need some help. Snow removal before the next blizzard would be great. It is safety issue: firefighters, ambulance gas co, etc would have a difficult time responding to an emergency because of the amount of snow.
  • 66 Revere Beach Parkway Chelsea, Massachusetts - Everett
    tire dumped
  • Orange And Carter Street Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    cushions from a couch, Located under the expressway