michael murray

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  • Putnam Ave Hamden, Connecticut - Hamden
    between Leeder Hill Dr and Dixwell ave - the storm drains are full os leaves dirt and trash
  • Woodlawn St Hamden, Connecticut - Spring Glen
    at or near the 100 block - Forest size tree planted between curb and sidewalk - let's be reasonable here- this is interfering with parking and traffic flow!
  • Woodlawn St Hamden, Connecticut - Spring Glen
    Gas lines about to go in - please coordinate so it can be repaved after the install
  • Putnam Ave Hamden, Connecticut - Hamden
    Heavy traffic on this street - Truck, Dump Truck, Tractor Trailer, Bus, Emergency Vehicle, Passenger car,; let's repave this road before it's beyond repair!
  • Winnett St Hamden, Connecticut - Hamden
    please consider for repaving
  • Day Spring Ave Hamden, Connecticut - Hamden
    Please consider for repaving
  • Leeder Hill Dr Hamden, Connecticut - Hamden
    recurring potholes in the 200 area of this road. Please consider this section of road for repaving.
    Very busy road with: cut-through traffic, truck traffic (HA Leed Industries), new construction- Aces School etc.
  • Morse St Hamden, Connecticut - Hamden
    near the intersection of Newhall St