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  • 1450 Excelsior Ave Oakland 94602, United States - Glenview
    Bulging pavement, so much so I scraped the under carriage of my car!!!
  • 3326 Florida St Oakland 94602, United States - Upper Laurel
    In front of 3326 Florida Street, large depression, crumbling asphalt. Thank you for filling/ smoothing out this area!
  • 3326 Florida St Oakland 94602, United States - Upper Laurel
    This crumbling area is actually in front of the 3325 address’s driveway. It has been repaired numerous times but continues to buckle and crumble. Thank you for attending to it!
  • 3501 35th Ave Oakland 94619, United States - Laurel
    Large area of deterioration on Laurel Street traveling east near MacArthur next to Car Wash business on corner of MacArthur and Laurel. Rocks and debris are present and hole fills with water when it rains. Drivers veer, oftentimes dangerously, to avoid this deep depression in the street. Thank you for fixing!
  • Homeless campsites Acknowledged
    Grand Avenue And Embarcadero Oakland, California - Adams Point
    ALL around Lake Merritt there are homeless tents popping up. What?!?! This is a public, recreational park, the “Jewel” of Oakland NOT a building site. I’ve noticed the same problem at Mosswood Park. Help, PLEASE!
  • 1400-1416 35th Ave Oakland, CA 94601, USA - Saint Elizabeth
    San Leandro Street near intersection of Fruitvale... terrible road deterioration and it's been like this for a LONG time. Has no one reported this? I highly doubt it. Please Oakland roads and public works: HELP! Thank you.