Sarasota HOA

Rank: Municipal Avenger Civic Points: 665
  • 2900-2936 South Beneva Road Sarasota, Florida - Southgate
    Toxic dumping by Nokomis Company. They erected about 60 signs last month. They did it again.I pulled up a few. All along Beneva, and Honore. I see more at Webber and Beneva.
    Please remove signs, call them, fine them. This is costing tax payers money every week..
  • 2901 Clark Road Sarasota, Florida - Gulf Gate Estates
    Commercial sign with out permit. Thanks for removing identical one two weeks ago. ITS BACK ! Fort Meyers company has disregarded multiple complaints. Please remove and issue fine
  • 3601 Bee Ridge Road Sarasota, Florida - Sarasota Springs
    Sign dumping by " Dr Green" again last weekend Feb. 17 in the wee hours of the night. I pulled up 18 signs just on Beneva and Bee Ridge, I'm sure I haven't got them all. This is polluting are green spaces. I hope no one uses these businesses. I;ve called them they don't live here or care about Sarasota.
  • 2730-2766 South Beneva Road Sarasota, Florida - Southgate
    Erecting Sign without a permit. This "" sign has been up for months. Next to Goodwill store. Called them to remove sign they said, " none of my business." They are a Fort Myers company. Hope code enforcement will educate them. Keep Sarasota Beautiful.
  • 1700-1716 North Honore Avenue Sarasota, Florida - Fruitville
    Massive dumping of signs Friday night. I pulled up close to 80 signs on the ROW on Honore, in medians and the roundabouts. I weighed them all = 30,480 grams. A water bottle weighs 9 grams. These people dumped the equivalent of 3,386 bottles in our intersections in ONE NIGHT ! Who ? "Dr Green Cannabis Card 800-420-8423" The Police need to get involved.
  • 1253-1299 South Tamiami Trail Sarasota, Florida - Arlington Park
    Signs in ROW. Comercial advertising signs on pubic streets, medians and parks. These criminals are dumping in our city. They leave there phone number at the dump site. I uprooted these signs during a 15 minute drive down 41. Please start charging these companies.