Siesta Key Beach

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  • 2791 Bee Ridge Road Sarasota, Florida - Southgate
    Commercial Signs in ROW without permit. They're 8 may be more of these "" signs dumped around Sarasota. The company is out of Fort Myers. These have been up for over 4 months nonstop, THEY ARE NOT TEMPORARY SIGNS ! Calls to them have been unproductive.
  • 3461-3469 South Tamiami Trail Sarasota, Florida - Sarasota
    Cleaned up 10 more Dump sites this week end. Commercial signs zip tied to street lights, stop signs, and ground signs in the medians and on every corner from Fruitville Rd to Clark Rd on 41. Worst offender " TV w DVR $42.99 941-312-1787 "
    I've called and complained and encourage everyone to do the same. Keep Sarasota Beautiful.
  • 1147-1263 Beach Road Siesta Key, Florida - Siesta Key
    More commercial signs dumped this weekend. I cut down a dozen Sunday. Can't this be turned over to the police for illegal dumping or littering? These criminals are leaving their phone number at the scene. "Tax refunds 941-681-8131" .
  • 5202-5204 Ocean Boulevard Siesta Key, Florida - Siesta Key
    Commercial signs are polluting the area streets.
    I removed these strapped onto stop signs and street light posts.
    These need to be prosecuted for littering or dumping or permitting violations. Make em PAY or it will proliferate.