• Street Repair Признана
    South entrance to Laser Wash. Note: South entrance is on 10th Street . Concrete in this driveway is deteriorating needs to be repaired According to GIS Survey Mapping this on the Public Right of Wa
  • S Kansas Ave Topeka, KS, 66609, USA - City of Topeka Council District 5
    There are at least 2 dozen Walmart Shopping carts at this location. This location does not have an actual address, however they are located traveling South on S Kansas Blvd. past 37th Street. There are 3 paved dead end driveways and they are located in the 3rd driveway. Another location bearing is they are directly behind the Relax Inn Hotel. They most likely belong to the Walmart on Topeka Blvd.
  • Other Открыта
    1797–2499 Se Wittenberg Rd Topeka KS 66605, United States - City of Topeka Council District 4
    Location is the backend of Dornwood Park. Someone used their vehicle to create donut ruts in the parking area. Area needs to be regraded and smoothed out. It would be nice if a little more gravel could be put down .
  • Alley Archived
    3949 Sw Sena Dr Topeka, KS, 66604, USA - City of Topeka Council District 9
    Location is the alley behind the Valero Station and the property at 1160 SW Mission Ave. There are excessive tree limbs along the Alley right of way that need to be cut back as they will scrap along side a vehicle as they traverse the Alley way. The tree limbs appear to be coming from the property at 1160 SW Mission Ave., but I am not 100% positive. There other tree limbs south of that location also, but I am unsure of the exact address, but no further that the Arby's restaurant. If you look on Google Maps for 3949 SW Sena Dr. you can see the over growth into the Alley. Since this Google map picture was date 2019, the overgrowth has gotten worse.
  • Pothole repair - PW Признана
    Nw 62nd St & Nw Glenwood Dr Topeka, KS, 66617, USA - Shawnee County
    Pothole from Eastbound NW 62nd St, turning Southbound on NW Glenwood Dr. You have to swing a little wide to miss it. If I get the chance later I'll post a photo. This may or may not fall under Solider Township Maintenance but I'm not sure and I'll let the County determine that and make the appropriate notifications.
  • 800 Nw 25th St Topeka, KS 66618, USA - City of Topeka Council District 2
    Noxious weeds growing between Dillon's & Great Clips in median separating properties. Weeds are 4-5 feet tall.
  • Pothole Archived
    2885-2899 Sw Topeka Blvd Topeka, KS, 66611, USA - City of Topeka Council District 5
    Intersection from Topeka Blvd turning onto 29th St. going Eastbound was really rough and hit several potholes. The entire intersection needs to be looked at and repaired.
  • 2600 Ne North Ave Topeka, KS 66616, USA - City of Topeka Council District 2
    Old Mattress along side of N Topeka Blvd and easement. This is traveling Northbound.
  • 2548 Nw B I S Rd Topeka, KS 66618, USA - City of Topeka Council District 2
    Old mattress and door left at recycling bins making the area unsightly.
  • Pothole Archived
    460-490 Sw 1st Ave Topeka, KS, 66603, USA - City of Topeka Council District 1
    Two potholes this location just shy of intersection in the southbound middle and right or (outside) lane. The one in the outside lane is the most serious as a driver's side wheel will hit the pothole. The pothole size is about 15in. X 15in. and a depth of 4 to 5in. Pothole could cause a Safety issue if someone were to swerve to miss it and lost control of their vehicle or cause other drivers to take evasive actions.
  • Pothole Archived
    2518 Nw Topeka Blvd Topeka, KS, 66617, USA - City of Topeka Council District 2
  • 215 Se 9th St Topeka, KS, 66612, USA - City of Topeka Council District 1
    SE Entrance BNSF Building into the 9th Garage. As you are entering the Garage facility, the right hand door will not open as the magnetic lock is engaged and will not release the door. This is during normal working hours. The door should only lock during non-business hours. In addition, when you try to use your Garage pass card to access it still will not release the magnet lock.
  • Pothole Archived
    801-899 Se Monroe St Topeka, KS, 66612, USA - City of Topeka Council District 1
    Counting your lanes from left to right 1-2-3, this pothole is in the 3 lane on SE Monroe. This pothole is about 12'X9' in size. If you are turning right from SE Monroe onto 9th Street,on approach you will either see it or hit the darn thing. I am surprised the City Bus Driver's haven't turn this in.
  • Pothole Archived
    3222-3224 Sw Topeka Blvd Topeka, KS, 66611, USA - City of Topeka Council District 5
    This is a combination of Pothole and Gutter repair. When turning into or exiting from the John Hoffer Car Dealership from the signal light at SW Topeka Blvd and SW 32nd Terrace. The cement portion of road has deteriorated between SW Topeka Blvd and the Northbound turning lane into the car dealership. A full inspection should be made from the North SW 32 Terrance (where Wendy's is) to the Signal light at the entrance of John Hoffer's Car Dealership. Sorry didn't get a photo, but if you are turning into John Hoffer's you can't miss it.
  • Pothole Archived
    Sw 21st St Topeka, KS, 66604, USA - City of Topeka Council District 9
    Both East and West intersections in this area have multiple pothole to numerous to pinpoint. You can't drive in this area without hitting one.
  • Pothole Archived
    921-999 Ne Quincy St Topeka, KS, 66608, USA - City of Topeka Council District 2
    Pothole and uneven road surface. Since the closure to the Northbound Kansas bridge, the Southbound lane has deteriorated at this location and is getting worse.
  • Sw Topeka Blvd Topeka Ks 66608, USA - City of Topeka Council District 2
    Clocks going over the Topeka Blvd Bridge crossing the Kansas River, are not accurate and need to be recalibrated and set to proper time. Clock going northbound, while a little more accurate, has the lights out.