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  • Traffic Issue Archived
    6763-6783 22nd Ave N Saint Petersburg, FL, 33710, USA - Jungle Terrace

    Pedestrians are at risk on 22nd ave at the PSTA terminal. You combined this with a prior crosswalk issue in a different location. The crosswalk in 4143166 is at the entrance to Tyron Square Mall on 22nd and 68th. The crosswalk is to get across 68th to the other part of the bus terminal, NOT to get across 22nd. Crossing 22nd is the problem and that is what is pictured. You can see there are no crosswalks in the picture or anywhere nearby.

    There is no way I am going to try to report people for jaywalking. That won't work. There is no way this is a traffic calming type issue, it is a dangerous situation and some action is needed to coordinate a response from the City.

    What I am suggesting is some signage to warn approaching traffic that there may be pedestrians in the roadway and possibly some yellow flashing lights. Is that too much to ask?

  • Stormwater Issue Acknowledged
    Family Dollar 3201 Central Ave, Saint Petersburg, FL, 33713, USA - Commission District 7
    At 32nd and Central, that's Grand Central in background of photo. Actually across 32nd from Family Dollar. Many people from Grand Central have to cross Central and navigate around this lake which extends around the corner onto 32nd from Central. Something is there that catched the leaves, maybe fix that as well as opening the drain. Dangerous for pedestrians. Thanks!
  • No Crosswalk Archived
    905 22nd Avenue North Saint Petersburg, Florida - Jungle Terrace
    Although hundreds of people cross 68th St N at the entrance to Tyrone Square mall each day because it is a PSTA transfer station, there is no crosswalk. There is a crossing signal, which was recently repaired, but no crosswalk. Please help the many pedestrians crossing here, by putting in a safe crosswalk. Thanks
  • 6785-6799 22nd Avenue North Saint Petersburg, Florida - Jungle Terrace
    The crosswalk signal at the intersection of 22nd ave N and 68th st N at the entrance to Tyrone Mall looks like it got hit by a truck and is not longer visible. It's on the mall side and a lot of pedestrians use the crossing because of the bus. Would be nice to get an actual crosswalk, but let's just fix the signal first. Thanks