Rank: Municipal Avenger Civic Points: 515
  • 1990 Harrison Street Oakland, California - Lakeside
    Garbage, tripping hazards, illegal dumping, health and safety violations,
  • 274 19th Street Oakland, California - Lakeside
    Tents are pitched under trees that children used to play on and around. Daily volleyball was played by individuals at Snow park and now they are reluctant to play. Snow Park is now a disgusting eye sore. Not only is Hester McGuire taking too long to perform their work and costing the city money for dragging out the park renovation but now the homeless have overtaken the adjacent area making it even less accessible to the public and a greater eye sore and unsafe.
  • Illegal Dumping Acknowledged
    274 19th Street Oakland, California - Lakeside
    Snow Park has recently experienced a huge amount of illegal dumping at what for the past year had been a nice park setting. Now there is trash, abandoned grocery carts and garbage in Snow Park by the Lake and high rise businesses on Harrison and 19th. Please get the services out there before more garbage accumulates and people regard it as a new dumping ground location.