Sammamish, Washington Neighbor

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  • 3006 253rd Pl Se Sammamish, WA, 98075, USA - Sammamish
    large fir tree at the northwest corner of S.E. 31st Pl. and 253rd Pl. S.E. appears to be listing to the east. my fear is that it may fall during the next severe wind storm over 253rd Pl. S.E. The root structure of the tree is at the top, west edge of an open road ditch that does not offer any support to the tree thus causing it to lean in that direction. there are a few families that live down at the end of the cul-de-sac that have small children that often play in the street. for their safety, please check it out.
  • Road Issue Closed
    Sammamish WA - Sammamish
    someone has turned a valve cover upside down and the prongs are now sticking up into traffic causing potential hazard for passing motorists
  • 1724 224th Ct Ne Sammamish, WA, 98074, USA - Sammamish
    Tree located in greenbelt fell in roadway across from 1724 224th Court NE.
    Also large fir tree is overgrown and blocking sidewalk between 1718 and 1712 224TH Court NE.
  • 3000 212th Avenue Southeast Sammamish, WA - Sammamish
    Kim Bradley with "Adopt a road" took away back of debris/garbage and advises that there is one large back filled with bottles and other collections for removal near the turn out area for large trucks. Request for City Maintenance crew to pick up. Thank you.
  • 4616 East Lake Sammamish Parkway Northeast Sammamish, WA - Sammamish
    call to after-hours PW call center on Saturday, 4/13 at 9:08a: Neighbor started at 8:30a
    doing construction with power drills. No noise is allowed until after 9am on Saturdays.
  • 204 243rd Avenue Southeast Sammamish, WA - Sammamish
    Broken tree branch down over pedestrian walkway now blocking - 244th Ave SE between SE 4th ST and E Main ST on the northbound sidewalk
  • Road Issue Closed
    Southeast Klahanie Boulevard Sammamish, WA - Sammamish
    Unsafe Road condition - 6-inch water manhole cover partially in the hole and partially sticking up, causing hazard for passing motorists
  • Road Issue Closed
    Sammamish WA - Sammamish
    Someone dumped off a couch and an exercise bike in the drainage tract/city-owned greenbelt area on the right hand side as you enter Danbury development on SE 31st PL and E Beaver Lake DR SE (opposite where the monument development sign for the neighborhood is).
  • 801 228th Ave Ne Sammamish, WA, 98074, USA - Sammamish
    City Hall, City Clerk Department. Empty cube someone placed a black chair. Please take the chair away we don't need it.
  • 2521 Audubon Park Drive Southeast Sammamish, WA - Sammamish
    There is some kind of device in front of the pond on Audubon Park DR SE that is uncovered and needs to be covered
  • Sahalee Way Northeast WA - Sammamish
    piles of concrete on side of road. Caller unsure if it's on a property or within the city right-of-way.
  • 3901 242nd Avenue Southeast Issaquah, WA - Sammamish
    She lives next to Pond # D91255 and she says it has never been maintained, though the request has been made over and over again. Vegetation overgrowth is out of control. Can someone please clean it up? Request a phone call of explanation if not able to do as requested.
  • Se 24th St Sammamish, WA, 98075, USA - Sammamish
    There is a King County police sign on the sidewalk across from Discovery Elementary school at the corner
  • 4701-4799 231st Ave Se Sammamish, WA, 98075, USA - Sammamish
    I live on 231st Place SE in Sammamish. Our street sign on the corner of 231st Place SE and SE 48th Street blew down in a storm awhile ago and was never replaced. Our street has no street sign now. The sign was the kind that is on top of a stop sign.
  • 1645 204th Avenue Northeast Sammamish, WA - Sammamish
    Wondering if the city would be willing to take care of the blackberry bushes on the north side of the pond area behind her house. She and her husband have removed all the blackberry bushes from the back that is on their property and would appreciate the same on the city property.
  • 4503 229th Place Southeast Sammamish, WA - Sammamish
    During the recent past snow storms, several trees came down on the stormwater pond's fence that is located behind his house, located at 4503 229th PL SE. The fence is damaged and needs to be replaced/repaired.
  • Road Issue Archived
    23211 Southeast 47th Way Sammamish, WA - Sammamish
    Opticom gate at that location is now stuck open and up.
  • Sammamish WA - Sammamish
    Stormwater Pond #DS0032 located at SE 30th PL & 220th Ave SE - looks like someone took the drainage pipe and moved it out of its intended location and instead it is now standing upright in the pond
  • 2636 259th Court Southeast Sammamish, WA - Sammamish
    I received a call from a resident who lives in the Beaver Lake Estates (2636 259th Court SE).

    He was calling about a very large maple tree on city property that has now grown up under his fence, lifted and cracked his fence and is now up under the decorative pathway stones that he landscaped into his back yard, dislocating and dislodging those as well.

    He wanted to know what his options are.
  • 19208 Southeast 21st Street Sammamish, WA - Sammamish
    A street sign (for 192nd Ave SE & SE 21st ST) is down in the yard of 19208 SE 21st ST. Also it looks like some kind of utility marker is as well. Sign needs to be reinstalled.