Mr. Sloan

Rank: Municipal Avenger Civic Points: 775
  • Pot holes Archived
    574 Main Street Roxbury Township, New Jersey - Roxbury
    This street has many potholes and has a extremely bumpy ride all the way from Center street to Willow street. The street has collapse underneath in section of this street which very visible to the eye.
  • Main Street Netcong, New Jersey - Netcong
    A alert was made to all of Roxbury residents in the beginning of April that large logs or branches should be put out at curbside to be shredded by the town for the month of April. It is now the month of May and I’ve see nobody has dealt with the issue throughout of Roxbury. When will this be done because I have large branches on my lawn for over a month now and getting very impatient! Please deal with this now so I can mow my lawn!
  • Potholes Archived
    Lakeside Blv Roxbury Township, New Jersey - Roxbury
    There are many large potholes on lakeside boulevard in Roxbury nj. Especially in front of landing park!