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  • 5600 Van Winkle Holladay, Utah - Murray

    The timing for north-south green lights is much longer than necessary. This makes east-west cars wait for a long time during the day (there seem to be vehicle sensors that operate during the night). The pedestrian signals for N-S currently cycle through from walk to don't walk twice for each cycle of green lights. Simply adding a green light cycle to match the pedestrian walk signals would reduce waiting times for E-W traffic.

    Another problem at this intersection is that cars traveling southbound often make U-turns 15-20 feet before the intersection, which creates a hazard with cars turning right from eastbound 5600 S onto Van Winkle north. Traffic from the shopping center could exit at 5600 S and then turn left onto Van Winkle (if the light timing were more reasonable), so extending the median and adding a No U-Turn sign here might decrease the risk of collisions.