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  • 1855 Pa 981 Derry Township, PA 15670, United States of America - Westmoreland County
    Pole 000f/048 was hit along 981.
  • 2nd Street Greenwald, PA 15624, United States of America - Westmoreland County
    An old rotted pole broke. West penn has already transferred there stuff. We need to transfer ours
  • 126 Farnsworth Dr Delmont Pa - Westmoreland County
    Contractors installing a new mobile home cut a 25pr feeder cable in half in the rear easement. Between peds 69/005 and 69/004. Spliced temp lines in place and instructed clover leaf management that the hole must remain open until permanent repair
  • 678 Bush Rd New Alexandria Pa - Westmoreland County
    Company working on the Sunoco gas line pulled 50 pair cable down working on the pipeline
  • 1340 Keystone Park Rd New Alexandria, PA 15670, USA - Westmoreland County
    Driver hit pole and knocked it down, power company came and put lines up temporarily. Will set new pole tomorrow. CMR 180304522492