Rank: Civic Crusader Civic Points: 445
  • 16680 12 Mile Road Roseville, Michigan - Roseville
    Owner has grass over 6 inches tall
    Owner Is burning her yard waste in the back yard instead of disposing of it in brown yard waste bags
    Owner also has junk or debris piling up in the yard. They have a piece of a boat in the back yard along the fence line.
    Owner refuses to clean up yard upon asking. And it is over flowing with weeds, poison ivy, and rats.
  • 28874 Barkman Street Roseville, Michigan - Roseville
    Owner is now deceased and the grass is over 6 inches tall in the back and front
  • 28894 Barkman St Roseville, Michigan - Roseville
    The street light is out at the corner of barkman street and 12 mile