Sabrina Alekseyenko

Rank: Civic Pride Civic Points: 115
  • 222 Mccarthy Avenue Chicopee, Massachusetts - Chicopee
    I got asked to pick up my sister for dismissal and we left the building at 11am. The light to get out was red for over 8 minutes and did not turn green. I backed up, inched forward, flashed high beams and after 2 minutes of realizing we were waiting for a while I told her we should time it to see how long we’ve been here. At 5 minutes I called the office and told them I was just in there to take my sister, we are still here. I could’ve been home and I didn’t want to go because it was a left turn and there were cameras. Which I don’t understand why there would be camera’s if you don’t see there’s a car waiting for the light to turn green corn 8 minutes, before they told me I can just go and now contact you. I suggest getting that fixed before school isn’t over or else’s you’re going to have a lot of students, staff, buses, and parents frustrated about it.