Madeline Moffett

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  • Essex Av Gloucester, Massachusetts - Gloucester
    There is a tv stand and an umbrella holder that have been on the road at the bottom of New Way Lane and Essex Av for weeks. There is a rejection sticker on it but still the dumper has not collected their property / trash.
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    Wingaersheek Beach Atlantic Street Gloucester, Massachusetts - Gloucester
    I would like to report dangerous condition on Wingaersheek Beach consisting of rusty old metal fence posts' lining the (old pre-storm) dunes restoration line. Many of these fence posts are broken off sticking up only and inch or 2 above the sand are especially concerning - a person or dog could get a bad injury stepping on or tripping over one of these post 'stubs'. Additionally there are numerous posts of various sizes rusting out and they are super ugly and also dangerous. Can DWP pull these posts up?