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  • Highland Hospital Oakland, California - Lynn-Highland Park
    Today I was woken up at around 5 am by the deafening crash of heavy metal items being slammed into the back of a dump truck at highland hospital interspersed with the constant, neverending beeping of their reverse signal as they continuously put the truck in and out of reverse. This lasted about an hour and 40 minutes. I was finally able to get back to sleep around 6:40 AM but I was woken up again around 8 AM by additional dump trucks loudly smashing objects and creating a deafening crash sound as they hit potholes in the street. This is not the first time that highland hospital has had heavy industrial/freight machinery operating on their premises outside of designated hours for noise. It is a violation of Oakland city noise ordinance and a blight to the residential community surrounding the hospital. There is no reason why Highland hospital should be waking people up at 5 am on a monday morning smashing metal into the back of a dump truck. These operations can wait until daytime, when people have gone to work. People do not need to be deprived of precious sleep and show up exhausted to work because Highland Hospital can't be bothered to comply with local noise ordinance.
  • 2936-2998 14th Avenue Oakland, California - Tuxedo

    Very early on Tuesday morning/Monday night (April 3rd) at about 1:00 AM I heard a loud truck circling the block at 14th avenue and E 30th street followed by what sounded like things being dumped. I looked out my window and spotted the truck, an orange/yellow-colored truck and saw it towing a flatbed trailer.

    When I woke up later that morning I walked down the street and noticed that there was a massive pile of garbage where the truck had been working.

    Its now April 4th and the pile of garbage is still there. They left the door to the trash area open behind the apartment building on the corner of 14th and E 30th, with large amounts of trash spilling out into the street. I also noticed that there's a camper parked next to this pile which I believe is owned by the same guy who was driving the orange/yellow truck as I have seen him around the neighborhood several times. He's a black guy who looks like he's probably about in his mid 30s.

    The orange/yellow truck has a california license plate 32945B2. The trailer in tow has a nevada license plate 78730 M. The camper has a california license plate 94695G2.

    The camper has been sitting in the neighborhood for a while and occasionally moves to different parking spots, but is usually parked somewhere around that corner. Last week it was parked near the front entrance of the apartment building on the corner on E 30th street.

    I suspect the owner of this camper may be homeless and is living in the camper, and I suspect that he is also the owner of the orange/yellow truck (or at least was the guy operating it when it dumped all the trash on the corner).

    The orange yellow truck has also been in the neighborhood for a while. It was sitting in the alley between E 30th street and E 29th Street behind the yellow apartment building for about two weeks and I recall on several occasions hearing the guy working on the engine back there.

    What's most interesting about this is that when the dumping was happening that night at 1 AM, I saw several OPD patrol cars drive past it and not one of them stopped to investigate. Apparently OPD will let illegal dumping happen right in front of their eyes and still do nothing about it. It really cements the notion that OPD does not care about Oakland whatsoever.

    There was also a possibly related dumping incident at this same location a few weeks ago. The garbage pile seemed to have originated from the garage of that building next to the yellow apartment building. It may have belonged to a tenant who was evicted from the building, and I guess they decided to just dump it all over the sidewalk out front. It might actually be the same guy who is doing it.

  • 3018 14th Avenue Oakland, California - Tuxedo
    Every day there is reckless drivers racing up and down this street, revving their illegally modified engines as they burn rubber doing burnouts on 14th ave and sometimes come up/down E 30th street and other nearby streets. They also have a habit of loudly blaring subwoofers, with bass powerful enough to knock items off shelves inside your apartment. It's a residential neighborhood with no bars or night clubs nearby, but during certain times in the day it feels like there is a night club right next door from the constant, deafening throb of subwoofers blasting bass as loud as humanly possible as these cars roll through the neighborhood disturbing the peace. Because there is a red light at E 31st street, they will also hover in the area waiting for the light, during which time all the residents in the area are exposed to the awful noise of their vulgar, loud music. Their reckless driving regularly causes traffic accidents in this neighborhood. The other night I narrowly avoided being struck and killed by a drunk driver who ran a red light while I was crossing the street at E 29th and 14th Ave. The driver, a black female, threw an empty liquor shot bottle at me before speeding off on 14th avenue. This needs to stop. I've been calling OPD non-emergency line 20-30 times per day about the problem since October 2017.