A List Properties

Rank: City Fixer Civic Points: 3,070
  • 1001 Clarendon Ave Nw Canton, Ohio - Canton
    There is a very large bush that is not maintained. It hangs over the property line and has damaged several vehicles coming in and out of the drive on the property that we own. We have trimmed it several times - but it continues to be an issue.
  • 825 Linwood Ave Sw Canton, Ohio - Canton
    This house is nothing but an issue. The tenants do not care to maintain the property. there is a large chunk of spouting falling off the back of the house. trash all over the property - including the back yard and the front porch. vines growing all over front of the house. small trees sprouting in the gutters. trash is always brought to the street multiple days before trash pick up.
  • Health Hazard Archived
    2818 9th St Sw Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Our tenants (next door) are reporting a very foul odor coming from the home. Stating that is has been continuously getting worse throughout the summer. It has become hard for them to even be outside with the stench.
  • 15th & Walnut Ne Canton, Ohio - Canton
    This intersection is an issue. It is a hazard to everyone that uses the intersection - our office building is located on the corner and we see multiple accidents a month at this location. Most recently they had an entrapment as a vehicle was flipped and EMS had to use the Jaws Of Life to remove her safely from the vehicle. This is a serious issue.
  • Animals Archived
    125 44th St Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Dead baby deer - located on 44th St side of property near adjacent property line - approx 15 to 20 ft from the road.
  • 201 Maryland Ave Sw Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Vines growing all over the house, broken windows, grass in the back is over a foot high.
  • 917 Clarendon Ave Sw Canton, Ohio - Canton
    This house and property is a complete mess. grass is 3 foot high in the back - they have animals running around the property and the neighborhood. I have a dumpster at a property that I recently purchased and they attempted to put their trash in it. the trash is now in their side yard. they re-sided just the back. it looks awful.
  • 3318 11th St Sw Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Trash bins left on porch - house needs scrapped and paint - front steps in need of repair - code issues
  • 3314 11th St Sw Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Large amount of trash on porch - cardboard boxes in flowerbed - porch needs scraped and painted - front porch is disarray
  • Other Acknowledged
    3110 Grove Place Sw Canton, Ohio - Canton
    We believe that the people in the home are squatters, per information from surrounding neighbors. They are giving our tenants issues regarding parking on the property that we own. The house and yard are extremely unkempt and in disrepair.
  • 624 Clarendon Ave Nw Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Home has broken windows, the porch is in utter disrepair. The yard is full of trash, debris and filth. Trees are overgrown onto our property. We paid for them to be cut back last year, but they are becoming worse.
  • Health Hazard Archived
    2818 9th St Sw Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Yard is unkempt and and full of trash. Noticed vomit running down side of house. Wires are hanging from house.