Chicken Lady

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  • 1035 28th St N Saint Petersburg 33713, United States - North Kenwood Neighborhood Association
    By this new patch of sidewalk, it seems a sort of “sinkhole” has opened up. Please check this.
  • This house and the one next to it have not trimmed their shrubs and trees. They are growing over the sidewalk, making it difficult to walk through.
  • Codes Compliance Reconhecida
    The owner has been bringing his boat over and parking it either on his lawn or in the street where parking is not allowed. He does this on weekends when the city doesn't inspect. Also as you can see from the photo, several vehicles reside here and it's a mess. One motorcycle is not in photo.
  • Animal Related Arquivada
    The owner of the house leaves his two small dogs in an empty house (he stays elsewhere as the house is not habitable). The front window is always open, with no screen, allowing the dogs to come out and bark at everyone who passes by. There is also no wall on the side of the house. These dogs should be closed in, or better yet, staying elsewhere.