• 1527 Park St Alameda, CA, 94501, USA - Alameda

    There is a total traffic enforcement s***show going on in Alameda today. This is specifically for the east end but I am sure these problems are widespread across every neighborhood in Alameda.

    Consistently there is a load of traffic laws being broken out here on a daily basis. We have a serious problem with speeders, red light and stop sign runners, people who refuse to yield to pedestrians, people who block sidewalks and driveways with their vehicles etc due to APD's total refusal to enforce traffic laws in our neighborhood.

    Today, during my 10 minute walk through this neighborhood on my way to work from my home, I encountered an Audi completely blocking the sidewalk at Broadway and Central. I attempted to report it to APD dispatch but the dispatcher was being rude and difficult so I just hung up.

    Then as I was walking down the street I saw countless vehicles speeding and running stop signs between Broadway and Park at the various intersections down Central.

    Then as I was walking on Park, I was standing on the corner of I believe Santa Clara and Park and my light turned green. I began crossing and as I was crossing, some bicyclist literally came like 2 centimeters from my face as he blew right past me and threw the red light. If I had stepped forward a split second earlier, he would have clipped me, probably knocked me over and possibly broke some of my bones/killed me while I had the right of way to cross the street.

    Then as I was standing at the bus stop I saw the audi I tried to report earlier driving into the gas station, knowing full well that they were not cited at all for blocking the sidewalk earlier due to APD's total refusal to enforce the law in our neighborhood.

    This area is turning into a lawless motorpocalypse of vehicles making up their own rules and doing whatever they want. As I was going to work down Buena Vista I saw a neverending row of cars running stop signs all down Buena Vista all the way to Sherman. It's unbelievable. Not a cop in sight. Blight and crime everywhere.

    Clean up alameda now. Sick and tired of this c.r.@.p

  • 2617 Central Ave Alameda, CA, 94501, USA - Alameda
    the owners or tenants of this building at 2617 central ave regularly throw loud parties, yell and play loud music during both daytime and nighttime hours and disturb the peace in the area. we have a lot of noisy neighbors around here in general and they just add to the noise, making things even worse around here than they already are.
  • 2614 Central Ave Alameda, CA, 94501, USA - Alameda

    The owner of this complex as well as several of his tenants and family members have consistently been parking vehicles in their driveway, completely blocking the driveway off and then proceeding into our driveway next door without our permission and using our driveway to go around their vehicles.

    I have been regularly reporting this problem to APD since April 2018 and nothing has been done about it. The owners and various tenants of 2614 Central continue to i.l.l.e.g.a.l.l.y trespass onto our driveway next door and use it without the owner's permission to go around their vehicles.

    They are also causing a collision hazard for tenants in our complex and have almost caused an accident several times swerving into our driveway from behind the fence that separates our properties.

    The fence acts as a blindspot and there is no way for people exiting our complex to see their vehicles on the other side of the fence, and therefore have no warning when their vehicles sometimes rapidly swerve out into our driveway to go around their vehicles blocking their driveway.

    The owner of 2614 Central Ave and his tenants need to learn that our complex is private property, it does not belong to them, they do not have permission to use our driveway, we have a big giant "no trespassing" sign posted out front which they conveniently ignore every time. They need to be made aware of the fact that our driveway DOES NOT BELONG TO THEM. They DO NOT have permission to use our driveway.

    STOP USING OUR DRIVEWAY TO GO AROUND VEHICLES IN YOUR DRIVEWAY. If you want to block your driveway, fine! Be my guest! But if you need to get in or out of your carport, you need to use your own driveway to do that. If a vehicle is blocking you, you need to either move it yourself or ask whoever parked it there to move it or have it towed. You do not have the right to use our driveway without our permission to go around your vehicles in your driveway!

    They need to learn this and soon.

    Please make the trespassing and abuse of our driveway stop. We are sick and tired of it.


  • 871 Marina Village Pkwy Alameda, CA, 94501, USA - Alameda

    I reported this issue many times before but since the worthless city government continues ignoring it and doing nothing about while SCF continue to progressively destroy this website with their unwanted and awful changes, I am having to re-submit this issue once again.

    Every single day multiple entitled jerks who think they're above the law park in the red zone at this location. They will break every traffic law you've ever heard of. They'll run the stop sign leading into the parking lot endangering pedestrians, they'll park in the red zone and block traffic as well as emergency vehicles (it is a fire lane), cut pedestrians off while they're trying to cross the street.

    This time I caught some black dude parking what looks like either a freshly purchased or stolen Volkskwagen. The vehicle had no front plates and only temporary plates in the back. He parked in this red zone for about half an hour while he sat inside the burrito shop ordering food. All this while there was a parking space literally 5 feet away from his vehicle that he could have parked in.

    This self-entitled, rude and dangerous behavior is fueled by our corrupt city government and our worthless police department who have for the past several years now consistently refused to do their jobs and enforce the law, leading to a massive spike in crime all across the island as criminals grow ever more brazen and ever more bold in the face of growing lack of enforcement from APD/the city government.

    The lack of law enforcement in Alameda is rapidly transforming this once peaceful and serene suburban community into a second Oakland.

  • 2614 Central Ave Alameda, CA, 94501, USA - Alameda

    The owners of this building have been regularly stealing our compost bins each week. Each week when ACI brings the bin back to our complex, they come back over and steal it again. They go all the way to the back of our complex (which is located right next door to them), and drag the bin(s) back to their complex behind their building.

    Is it legal for your neighbors to walk onto your property and take your compost bins without permission from the owner?

    If not, what is the appropriate legal procedure to get them to a.) return the stolen bins and b.) stop stealing them?

    I tried calling APD but the clueless dispatcher had no answers. Maybe someone in the city can help? How do we resolve this? Our landlord pays for 2 compost bins on our complex and they keep taking them. We can't even use our own bins.

    Please let me know.


  • 1525 Park St Alameda, CA, 94501, USA - Alameda

    There is a serious problem with malicious saboteurs derailing and hijacking people's requests on this site. Typically this is done by social justice warriors trying to disrupt legitimate SeeClickFix users from reporting crime in their neighborhood because they want to protect the criminals from facing legal consequences and also want to prevent us from making known their unlawful activities on this website.

    Sometimes these malicious users will register multiple accounts so that they are able to use them to repeatedly close your issue and hurl insults at you without fear of losing access to the site (if one of their accounts gets suspended, they simply register another one and continue the abuse)

    The site is obviously grossly lacking in basic security facilities and needs some improvements to protect users from malicious behavior like this. Please implement better security to prevent abusive users from being able to mass-register multiple accounts and freely close your issues without permission. Ideally submitters should have an option to lock their issue from being closed by non-approved parties. I don't want anyone being able to close my requests besides me and the city government.


  • 1362 Broadway Alameda, CA, 94501, USA - Alameda

    I originally reported this issue here: however it was fraudulently closed by Lieutenant Jeff Emmitt in order to sweep the issue under the rug, and then the site automatically archived it making it impossible for me to re-open or comment on the issue. Therefore I have to re-submit the same issue all over again (and will probably have to do this several more times since APD will probably just keep fake-closing it like they do all our other requests on this site):

    constantly barking dog, german shepard left abandoned in back yard almost 24 hours a day every day. dog barks loudly at random times throughout day and night, including at odd hours of the night like 3 am. This morning has been barking sporadically since around 9 am (it is now 11:38 AM). This has happened so many times this past year that I've honestly lost count of how many nights of sleep ive lost because of this barking dog. Countless complaints made to the useless Alameda Animal Services but the animal control officer refuses to take action and wont accept video recordings of barking as proof. in other words, the dog has to be b arking at the exact moment that animal control officer arrives. if they stop for even 5 minutes, if the officer was there during that time they will write it off and not do anything about it. because of alameda's worthless and corrupt animal services protocol to refuse to accept video evidence of barking (which is normally accepted in virtually every other city in the us), the degenerate and irresponsible owner of this dog has been permitted to neglect their animal and cause a nuisance to the neighborhood by having it bark every day with total impunity for over a year straight.

    As of Saturday, June 30th, 2019, the problem is still not resolved. APD and animal services have done absolutely nothing to abate the problem.

  • 1407-1423 Walnut St Alameda, CA, 94501, USA - Alameda

    It is unacceptable to me that Alameda county has a very clear and specific ordinance against barking dogs (§ 5.08.060), and yet we are completely powerless to have this ordinance enforced when we are plagued by incessant barking.

    Likewise, the county has very clear and specific ordinances against loud noise in residential areas (§ 6.60.050), and includes decibel limits for both daytime and nighttime noise. We are likewise powerless to have this ordinance actually enforced when our neighborhoods are victimized by noise polluting neighbors.

    It really makes you question, what is even the point of having these ordinances, if our city government outright refuses to enforce them?

    What is the point of having animal services if they can only cite owners if they personally witness the barking?

    What's the point of that if their schedule is limited to only a few hours a week and they can't possibly be around to witness it?

    What's the city's reasoning for their refusal to accept video footage as evidence?

    It really amazes me what a worthless government we have in this town.

    Has Alameda Animal Services even ever cited anyone for violating Alameda County Ordinance § 5.08.060? Has this ever happened even once in the entire history of AAS's existence?

    Has the Alameda Police Department ever cited anyone for violations of Alameda County Ordinance § 6.60.050? Has this ever happened in the history of APD's existence?

    I've talked to other people in the community and the recurring theme is that "noise ordinance is not enforced in Alameda", "barking dog owners are not cited here", etc. This is the same message I get from everyone I've talked to on this island. How is this even remotely acceptable?

    Again: What is the point of even having these ordinances on the books to begin with if you outright refuse to enforce them, and go out of your way to make it as difficult as possible for Alamedans being victimized by noise on a daily basis to have the problem resolved? You won't even accept video evidence of barking, and you conveniently have your animal control officers only scheduled to work a few hours a week. They have to be there in person to witness it and have to witness it for 10 minutes straight. You've basically created an impossible scenario for us to have this law enforced. You've created a condition where Animal Control officers will never be able to witness the barking because of the extremely limited window of time they're actually available to do that, and you won't accept video evidence of barking dogs or noisy neighbors in general.

    I have an entire year's worth of video documentation, literally every day dating back over a year, of my neighbors blatantly violating multiple county ordinances, and yet they have never and likely will never be cited because you apparently have absolutely no intention or desire to enforce the law in this town.

    My only question is why? Is this just some tactic to avoid doing your jobs? To make your own jobs easier? What is it?

  • Permits Open
    2622 Central Ave Alameda, CA, 94501, USA - Alameda
    The owner of this complex appears to be operating some kind of illegal construction shop out of the back of the apartment complex. Almost every day he's engaged in loud industrial activities back there, ranging from running heavy machinery to repeatedly slamming massive metal objects against other metal objects and concrete, creating a massive nuisance for everyone in the apartments, in both his building and neighboring buildings, who are forced to sometimes listen to his repeated clanging and banging sounds for hours on end. Sometimes the impact of him hitting stuff over there is so powerful you can not only hear it, but actually feel it in your apartment. You'll feel all the walls in your unit go "thud!" as he slams things. No way to block out his noise even by closing double pane windows (which is extremely unpleasant in the summer heat and no AC) Getting tired of listening to his illegal construction and noise here almost every other day. Someone needs to tell this guy that if he wants to run a machine shop or whatever he's doing there, he needs to go do it in an industrial area that's actually zoned for industrial use. This is a residential area and we do not appreciate this man using our quiet and peaceful suburban neighborhood as a worksite for his industrial machinery operations and other massively loud activities on a daily basis.
  • Permits Open
    1366 Broadway Alameda, CA, 94501, USA - Alameda
    Loud prolonged construction noise from 1366 Broadway this morning (Monday, June 17th 2019). The hammering is echoing across the entire block and disturbing people in all of the neighboring buildings. Please check if this person has a legal permit to be disturbing the entire neighborhood
  • 2146 Santa Clara Ave Alameda, CA, 94501, USA - Alameda
    Since no laws are enforced in Alameda, the city government does nothing to help citizens who are victims of crime, I suggest that the city simply erase all of it's existing local ordinances and put a large banner that is easily visible to residents of Alameda that notifies them that we have no laws and are living in total anarchy. We're already living in anarchy as it is, so I suggest we just make it official and get rid of this illusion of law and order by erasing our city ordinances. They are not enforced and don't mean anything anyway. The city government doesn't care about the taxpayers of this island. Lets just make it official. Stop lying and misleading people. Just be open about it: We don't enforce laws here. We live in complete anarchy. You're on your own. This is Alameda.
  • 2614 Central Ave Alameda, CA, 94501, USA - Alameda

    One of our neighbors started some kind of fire last night, possibly a bonfire or a very large BBQ, that caused our entire neighborhood to be filled with very thick smoke. When we pulled into our carport last night, the smoke was so thick it penetrated into our car even though we had our windows closed. It also filled my apartment. My eyes were watering and I was having trouble breathing. This was last night, now I'm waking up this morning and I can still smell the smoke.

    I am pretty sure it was the owners of 2614 Central, but it may have been another neighbor. I didn't actually see the fire, but I could smell the massive cloud of smoke it left over our neighborhood for 24+ hours following.

    What can residents like myself do to have the starter of this fire identified and cited for the major public health hazard and fire hazard they created by flooding our whole block with toxic smoke? We inhaled enough smoke with all those fires last year, and it is disturbing to me that we now have someone in our neighborhood artificially re-creating the same toxic air conditions that those forest fires caused in our area. It smelled and felt exactly like the smoke from the forest fires did. What can we do? Or is the Alameda city government going to let them get away with this like they allow all the other criminals to on this island?

  • 1511 Park St Alameda, CA, 94501, USA - Alameda
    the homeless encampment that has been reported at this location thousands of times by hundreds of residents for the past several years remains a blight to the community. APD has done absolutely nothing to clean up the encampment. They continue to loiter at this location, abusing dru.g.s and alcohol, urinating and defecating on the street, and bothering law abiding residents as they walk down this street. We are tired of the smell, we're tired of the trash, we're tired of YOU Alameda Police, the most worthless police department in American history. You are a disgrace to the good name of law enforcement officers nationwide.
  • Atlantic Ave & Challenger Dr Alameda, CA, 94501, USA - Alameda

    Extremely dangerous intersection. I originally reported this issue back in November 26th, 2018. The original issue on SeeClickFix (which is now closed) can be found here:

    The issue was closed by Sergeant Brian Foster on January 24th, 2019.

    Nothing has been done to resolve the problem. Since I first reported this issue on this website, I've almost been run over approximately 200 times.

    This evening, as I was crossing Atlantic, a reckless red pickup truck driver gunned it into the intersection as he was making a left turn onto Atlantic from Challenger. There's no way he didn't see me. I was right in front of his truck when he floored the gas.

    I literally jumped out of the way to save my life. He tried to murder me with his truck. I reported it to APD dispatch, but as usual, they couldn't care less that someone in Alameda almost got killed by a reckless driver intentionally trying to murder people with his vehicle.

    This problem HAS NOT BEEN RESOLVED AT ALL. Do NOT close this issue until you've resolved it.

    You have done LITERALLY NOTHING to solve this problem, and countless citizens' lives are needlessly endangered daily due to your unbelievably gross negligence and failure to enforce law and order in the city of Alameda.

    The fact that nobody has been killed in this intersection yet during the past few months is nothing short of a miracle. The longer you keep ignoring this problem, the more likely someone is going to end up dead or permanently crippled because they got hit by a vehicle in this intersection.

    Stop dragging your feet and do something about this. It's unbelievable that even after 4 months, you're still ignoring this problem and turning a blind eye to people almost getting killed here literally every single day.

  • 860-898 Atlantic Ave Alameda, CA, 94501, USA - Alameda