Rank: Municipal Avenger Civic Points: 750
  • 1–99 Soho Dr Jersey City 07305, United States - West Side
    Someone has again thrown trash bags when it’s not the pickup day. The bags are torn up and the trash is spread over the payment.
  • 412-426 Claremont Ave Jersey City, New Jersey - West Side
    After even a little rain, there is a lot of water accumulation that happens on this section of the road. The stagnant water stays there even after a few days. This is a breeding ground for mosquitoes and insects. I am very concerned as I stay in the unit just next to this and I have a 2 years old son. He is ill and I am concerned if it is because of this.
  • 7 Soho Dr N Jersey City, New Jersey - West Side
    I have noticed this twice in the last 3 days that the pickup truck guys are not taking away all the trash. They only picked some bags but left behind other trash like cardboard boxes (a heap of them) and other trash. They always seem to be in a rush. Now there is a large amount of trash just lying in front of my door. Why are they not picking up all the trash?