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  • 16034 Greenwood Shoreline, Washington - Shoreline
    Broken living room window, gate in rear of house open, pop can on front porch, appears as though someone has been in the house. Possibly making themselves at home? I drive by regularly, hoping nobody is squatting or damaging home. I have several pictures, your site won't let me upload them, though.
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    205 Ne 205th St Shoreline, Washington - Shoreline
    Need a wheelchair ramp cut out of the sidewalk at the east end of sidewalk between 1st ave ne and the entrance to the cemetary on 205th ne. There is a 97-year old World War 2 veteran in a wheel chair who lives on 6th Ave NE, off of 205th. Because there is no cut off, he is forced to exit the bus at 15th and Ballinger, wheel himself past a freeway exit ramp, 3 freeway onramps, then all the way home. If there was the access to leave the sidewalk in front of the cemetary, he could exit the bus at 1st Ave ne, use the sidewalk, wheel himself to 6th - much faster and safer for him. Please expedite this - he's been making this trip up to 4 times per week for a couple of years! He is 97 years old! There IS a cutout on the west end of the sidewalk, the east end is a drop off, his electric wheelchair cannot maneuver this. Thank you, Kathy Maddux, KC Metro bus driver, North Base