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  • 119 Macalester Dr Newnan 30265, United States - Newnan
    The easement shared driveway on Macalester Drive has some serious issues as you can see. Piedmont Residential is the builder. They have continued to fail to follow required State of GA soil and erosion laws as you can see. Please have the City of Newnan environmental inspector( red card inspector) or building inspector issue a compliance notice or tickets to the builder. Thank you
  • 107 Macalester Dr Newnan 30265 United States - Newnan
    The builder in the Summerlin Community has refused to cut the vacant lots to the right of this location. It not only looks terrible but causes a safety issue when residents are using the drive around easement. Please issue compliance notice from City to the sales office and to Piedmont Residential builders.. thanks
  • Macalester Drive At Bingham - Newnan
    The circle at Macalester Drive and Hood Park in the Summerlin Neighborhood are continuously not maintained by the builder. Requests have been sent to him and the mgt company, but nothing has been done. Currently the grass/weeds are 2-3 feet tall. Please have City begin formal compliance process with builder or mgt company.