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  • 2 Lighthouse Road New Haven, Connecticut - East Shore

    Mugwort is on the state's invasive plants list. The time period between September 1-21 is the right time to cut it down during flowering to stop its spread. Mugwort chokes out MANY native plants and does not provide good food or habitat for native animals or insects.

    Cut it down now, please.

  • Lighthouse Road New Haven, Connecticut - East Shore

    This bocce court is used every week by the neighborhood.

    We've weeded the court ourselves (mostly), but we don't have the equipment to re-grade.

    It's really difficult to play a good game here because the court has so many hills and slopes and the sides are very low in some portions.


  • New Haven CT, New Haven, Connecticut - Fair Haven
    NOT a bus issue, but app won't let me change the category
  • 425 Lighthouse Rd New Haven, CT - East Shore
    Lots of cans are full out here on Lighthouse Rd - should we take them i (some are falling into street with wind gusts) or will there be scheduled pickup today? Thanks!
  • 1228-1254 State St New Haven, Connecticut - Cedar Hill
  • 425 Lighthouse Rd New Haven, Connecticut - East Shore
    Trash and Christmas tree were taken, but not leaf bag. Thanks
  • 280 Lighthouse Road New Haven, Connecticut - East Shore
    Fire plug at corner of Rhea Street and Lighthouse Road is leaking
  • Burr St New Haven, CT - East Shore

    My whole house was shaking, and I was shaken awake, at 6:35 a.m. this morning by a monstrously loud plane.

    Calling the airport, and following instructions to press 5 for noise complaints, leads to USAir automated phone service with no further method to file noise complaint

    Going online to the airport website, and completing the form did not work: when I entered the information and clicked "submit" the page simply refreshed.

  • 425 Lighthouse Rd New Haven, Connecticut - East Shore
    There was an accident here in December 2013, and 2 poles were sistered together. They are not now. Also, there are wires hanging in the road and sidewalk.
  • 155 Burr St East Haven, Connecticut - East Shore

    Lead is a dangerous neurotoxin that destroys nerve tissue and causes a variety of health and neurological problems, particularly in children. Avgas-fueled aircraft are the single largest source of lead air emissions in the country. See Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking in 2010.

    A July 2011 study from Duke University published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives supports concerns about the severe and negative public health consequences caused by lead emissions from aircraft. The report found that children living within 500 meters of an airport at which planes use leaded avgas have higher blood lead levels than other children. This effect of aircraft lead emissions on blood lead levels was also evident among children living within 1 kilometer of airports. The researchers concluded that there is a significant association between potential exposure to lead emissions from aviation gasoline and blood lead levels in children.

    Results of lead monitoring conducted by EPA at 17 general aviation airports around the country were announced in June 2013, confirming the existing danger and further reinforcing the need for immediate EPA action to phase out lead in avgas.

    What is happening at Tweed Airport?!?!

  • 430 Lighthouse Road New Haven, Connecticut - East Shore
    There have been 2 car crashes in 3 weeks at the intersection of Lighthouse & Marion. All season, people race around this bend with screeching tires. Whether it's narrowing the road, installing an elevated pedestrian crosswalk, a traffic circle, or changing the road surface -- SOMETHING needs to be done. Note: No one was hurt in the accident shown in the photo.
  • Governor John Davis Lodge Turnpike New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Wooster Square
    Exit 1 daily backup to I-95
  • State Street North New Haven, CT 06519, USA - Downtown
    Plowing needed: right hand turn off exit 1 unplowed entirely!
  • Potholes Archived
    Water St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Long Wharf
  • Schools Archived
    181 Mitchell Dr New Haven, CT 06511, USA - East Rock
    Reinstate Cross High School student council leadership elections