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    Serpentine Circle So And Blossom Way So Intersection Saint Petersburg, Florida - Greater Pinellas Point Civic Association
    the concrete block city way station that sits prominently in the waterfront view at this intersection has always been an eyesore. It now is intolerable due to the ugly chain link fence surrounding it that has EMERGENCY ORANGE paint? on it leading the eye to the bright blue PORTALET facing the traffic that uses Blossom Way, Serpentine Circle and Serpentine Drive and is surrounded by 1,2,3, or 4 city trucks parked there for long periods of time with personnel inside doing whatever. It is a blight on the neighborhood and the waterfront view that we wish you would relocate. A canopy of vines totally covering the fence or huge solid and tall hedges/ shrubs hiding the ugly installation and blending in with the wooded area as well as the elimination of the group meetings would help if nothing else will be considered. Empty lots adjacent to the station are not saleable cause who wants to live next door to that?
  • 1800 And 1900 Block Of Serpentine Dr. So. Saint Petersburg, Florida - Greater Pinellas Point Civic Association
    You responded to this issue several months ago, but as stated then, this is an ongoing issue. This unpaved street is supposed to be maintained by the city but is not except under duress. When the Pink Streets were repaved many years ago, a petition to leave this street unpaved was approved if residents bore the cost of the loss of matching federal? funding. We did; and the city agreed to maintain the street, which it originally did by laying gravel as needed. That fell through the cracks long ago and subsequent responses wrenched from officials have been stop-gap, short-term, grudging and ineffective. The Pink Streets provide high residential tax support and in return are due services without constant begging to officials. A city employee defended the maintenance as "alley" care. This is not an alley; it is the last block of the main thoroughfare in the Pink Streets, Serpentine Drive, comparable to Snell Isle Blvd. in Snell Isle. The mosquitoes breeding, the automobile damages, the liability for potential injuries suffered by the many dog walkers, joggers, bike riders, babies in strollers and retirees using this street through ancient trees are reasons enough to solve this problem. This chronic muddy potholed street reflects negatively on fine homes and potentially impacts government by dropping home values and reducing tax revenue, another reason to address the problem. It is just the right thing for the city to eliminate finally this long-term issue.
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    1900 Block Of Serpentine Drive South Saint Petersburg, Florida - Greater Pinellas Point Civic Association
    This street is unpaved and constantly has potholes damaging cars, hazardous for walkers, bikers and joggers who could sue the city if one falls and is injured, aesthetically diminishes this high tax area neighborhood and the mosquitoes are having pool parties. It is not an alley and should not be treated as one by the city. Please respond and repair this multi year problem.
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    1900 Block Of Serpentine Drive South Pink Streets, Saint Petersburg, Florida - Greater Pinellas Point Civic Association
    This is a years' long issue repeatedly reported by the residents of the street and nothing is resolved yet. The MULTIPLE potholes are breeding mosquitoes when it rains and fills them with water, as yesterday, make the road impassible without giving your auto, shoes, bike, trike a mud bath, and repeatedly damage your vehicles' shocks. .Besides that, it makes this upscale, high tax area look rundown and affects our property values. PLEASE, we deserve your attention and a solution. The macadam does not work and kills the grass it sweeps into, further damaging the aesthetics of the street. The city at one point pledged to maintain the street with gravel, but no longer does that or much else. The last city employee reviewing the situation called the street an "alley", which it most assuredly is not. It is the last block of the main thoroughfare in the blocks long pink streets section of the city and is unpaved.. Our support of Mayor Kriseman was in part predicated on the belief in his abililty to respond to citizen issues. This is one of long standing and we need his help.