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    360 6th St. Apt 2 Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown

    The owners of 183 Brunswick St have showed very little regard for the residents of 360 6th Street apartment building. Here are a list of complaints:

    1. Construction starts extremely early on Saturday and Sundays. Construction has started as early as 7AM. This construction wakes me and my roommates up and has been going on since the start of the project but we have only just started to document it. Many attempts have been made to inform the Holy Rosary Church, who own the piece of property, about the noise issues but we have been ignored. We have had to yell out the window and beg the contractors to stop working so we can sleep like other tax paying citizens of Jersey City. Although construction has started earlier than legally allowed well over 50 times, these are four days we can explicitly describe: 03/04/2018, 03/11/2018, 03/24/2018, 04/21/18.

    2. Contractor has installed very bright lights that face into our apartment windows. These lights stay on throughout the night and prevent us from sleeping with the shades up, effectively meaning we cannot sleep with our window open. We have also made several attempts to inform the church of this issue but no action has been taken.

    3. Contractor has installed speakers around the permiter of the building and plays music that can be very vividly heard within the apartment. This music starts before 9AM.

    4. Contractors do not appear to have had a permit for a majority of the construction they performed. Construction started around late 2016 or Q1 2017. A search of the permit data base only finds permit 20164486+F which was issued on 01/26/2018. There was a huge amount of construction performed (scaffolding, building new segment of the building, etc) without a permit. It is also suspicious that the alterations are only listed at $1 although this job without a doubt costs over $100,000. I am a chemical engineer and estimate projects for a living. The working conditions were also very hazardous.

    Photos showing the proximity the contractors are working to our bedrooms, the light shining through our windows, and several email communications with the Church’s construction rep are available for supporting evidence and can be shared upon request.

    We pay our taxes and expect to be treated with some dignity and respect. After complaining many times and giving the Church many opportunities to stop waking us up at 7AM, we are now asking for the officials of Jersey City to please get involved and hold the Church accountable for treating their neighbors with respect.