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  • Chester Ave & Shurtleff St Chelsea, MA, 02150, USA - Chelsea
    There are still constant drug dealers from this corner every night stretching all the way down shurtleff st, during the day they are completely out in the open dealing drugs on church stoops. It’s obvious to anyone living and watching in the area & there’s no way the police don’t know about this. I will keep posting this untill I see some sort of effort on the city’s part to change this. Calling the police every time there’s one of these people around is insane when it’s their job to keep them off the streets In the first place
  • Chester Ave & Shurtleff St Chelsea, MA, 02150, USA - Chelsea
    All week maybe 2 weeks now every night shurtleff st is filled with junkies. From one side of the st to the next it’s absolutely disgusting. I’ve called the police multiple times for this and nothing so I’m putting this here in hopes of change. These are dangerous people we need off our streets immediately
  • 159-189 Shurtleff St Chelsea, MA, 02150, USA - Chelsea
    Last 2-3 nights groups of men and extremely drunk or doped up out of their mind women roaming from porch to porch making noise and makin it a generally uncomfortable place to walk by. They don’t live nearby and at 1am they don’t need to be loitering on private property. I feel this is an issue to bring up here since calling the police each instance is impossible. It’s known this happens in this area a lot.
  • 158-190 Shurtleff St Chelsea, MA, 02150, USA - Chelsea
    I have a tree right in front of my house that the city put there about 2 years ago, it’s a nice healthy tree but it has a lot of growth on the bottom making it more like a bush than a tree and it will eventually grow out into the sidewalk. Is it ok if I were to snip the bottom branches encouraging the top to grow and prevent the city from destroying the tree when it does overgrow the sidewalk? I’m a bit of an arborist myself and this will be no detriment to the tree at all it will be only a benefit.
  • 21 Lawrence St Chelsea, MA, 02150, USA - Chelsea
    This is more of a question than a complaint since it’s hard to get a actual answer online. If a homeowner within the city wanted to raise a few chickens in a large enough backyard is that acceptable or is this against city laws?? I’m asking for myself in my own backyard.
  • 118 Shurtleff Street Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    Once again same old story, same men walking around all day and night from stoop to stoop smoking crack and harassing everyone around them and no police around to stop them. When will this be taken care of? I can see it’s the same people day and night I know the police would see the same thing if they were around. This issue keeps being closed and nothing is ever done. Same as a lot of issues in this city it seemes.
  • 13 4th Street Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    This rat nest has been overflowing into the street for well over a year. The front of the building always has rats @#$% in and out of its driveway and this nest comes out of the other end on fourth street. You can litterally smell the rats when you walk by.
  • 184 Pearl St Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    On the corner of pearl, 4th, and hawthorn st this apartment building always has an abundance of trash to it’s right side Wich has rats visibly running in and out of it constantly day and night, there is a large rat nest spilling out onto the sidewalk to it’s left on hawethorn that has been there YEARS. This house is right next to the cataldo ambulance so I’m amazed this hasn’t been addressed yet, you can smell the rats when you walk by this building it’s disgraceful.
  • 167 Shurtleff Street Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    On shurtleff st between the addresses of 167 and 176 on the right side there used to be a drainage hole in front of 173. The road work last year has seemingly completely paved over it and now anytime it rains it floods a good 30-40 foot length of the street blocking a few driveways. It’s become a huge inconvenience as yesterday I was unable to receive my mail because of it. Anything that could be done would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for looking into it if you do.