Mary Owen

  • 5780 Lowell St Emeryville, CA, 94608, USA - Santa Fe
    On corner of Lowell and Grace
  • 985 55th St Oakland, CA - Gaskill
    This furniture has been strewn across the sidewalk for a long time. Apparently the owners of this building think it’s okay to dump their ratty crap out onto the street
  • 5750 Lowell Oakland, CA - Gaskill
    More mattresses and box springs… Illegal dumping
  • 5700 Lowell Street Oakland, California - Gaskill
    Here is another example of illegal dumping.
  • 5700 Lowell Oakland, CA - Gaskill
    Mattress and box spring and trash dumped on public street
  • 5831 Lowell Oakland, CA - Gaskill
    This vehicle has been abandoned for at least one year. Please come tow it away
  • 1000 Grace Ave Oakland, California - Gaskill
    There is an old couch and several bags of trash on the corner of Lowell and grace. This corner is a continual problem. Oakland should set up a dumpster at least two about this issue.
  • 958 55th St Oakland, California - Gaskill
    Pot holes...ALL OVER THE STREET!!!
    I have looked at your excuses "unfortunately...etc"....
    I PAY $8K in taxes.
  • 958 55th St Alameda, California - Gaskill

    This street has so many pot holes it is embarrassing for the city of Oakland.

    I went down to City Hall to investigate. We are not on the '5 year' maintenance list.

    Let's face it, we are in a black neighborhood and you are not doing to do A THING.

    I am going to the news, to the paper, and I will NOT stop until this is fixed.

  • 958 55th St Oakland, California - Gaskill
    This street has so many pot holes I have damaged my car.