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  • 1014 Fruitvale Ave Oakland 94601, United States - Fruitvale Station
    Along the Fruitvale side of the Bart station parking garage, in the small patch of grass along the sidewalk and walking path to the parking structure is a large DECEASED Pitbull dog that has been dumped. It’s both in a high traffic area and clearly visible by pedestrian traffic in the area. It looks to be somewhat wrapped in a sweater, and shows obvious signs of abuse, including multiple contusions (what I assume to be bite marks) around the head area. This issue has been called into animal control by another citizen/resident in the area well over 2 hours ago, but the canine still remains there yet to be picked up. As a result of the untimely response, this disturbing and gruesome scene has now been discovered by multiple people, including some children as young as toddler age.
  • 1519 33rd Ave Oakland, CA 94601, USA - Saint Elizabeth
    As I exited my residence this morning to take my daughter to school, I was confronted with a vehicle parked in such a matter that, to avoid damage to my own and/or said vehicle, would require me to use the driveway across the street to safely enter and exit my residence. My neighborhood constantly experiences this or similar issues, most of the offenders being directly related to the elementary school located on our street, most often from parents escorting their children into school, often times to the extent of preventing us from even leaving our place of residence. Due to the excessive amount of said occurrences, I've adopted to using a 10min grace period to allow parents or others to return to their vehicles before I write a note addressing the issue or notifying the authorities, because I can understand the chaos we too often encounter during our morning routines. However, I take issue specifically when these violators have total disregard for us residents, and directly cause us an inconvenience or safety hazard. Would appreciate more patrolling to address this issue if possible, and to send parking enforcement immediately in regards to today's occurrence to issue a citation for this matter.
  • 1519 33rd Avenue Oakland, California - Saint Elizabeth
    As I approached my car to take my daughter to school, I noticed a vehicle that was blocking my driveway to the extent of having to enter driveway across the street from us to prevent from causing damage to said vehicle or my own vehicle. This is a constant issue on our street as we live across from an Elementary school, so we encounter this or similar issues due to parents leaving their vehicles to escort their children into school. I’ve adapted to giving others a 10min grace period to return to their cars before I write a note or alert authorities, because i myself am a parent and can understand how chaotic morning a can be. However, after 10min, especially when it effects us to the point of preventing us from leaving or returning to our residence, I have little to no tolerance. Would like to see more patrolling in the morning to have this issue addressed if possible. Thank you.
    And please send someone right away to issue a citation to current vehicle because they typically get away with no consequence, enabling them to do it again.