John from Monroe Blvd

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  • 1400 U.S. 13 Bensalem, Pennsylvania - Bucks County
    The RIGHT-most ramp from Route-13 (Bristol Pike) heading west NEXT to Woodhaven Road toward Franklin/Philadelphia Mills has SEVERAL large potholes. I've reported this before but the issue was closed but no repairs were visible.
    This time I took several pictures of most of the worst potholes and am submitting them as evidence for the existing potholes on that road. THANK YOU in advance for your attention to this matter.
  • 244 West Main Street Norristown, Pennsylvania - Norristown
    The road along Main Street has two potholes close to Markley Street at the stop light. Where the 1st car would be waiting for the light, the pot holes are in a spot that is difficult to maneuver around and avoid (in the right straight lane near the curb). Additionally, near the curb there is a square concrete section that is sunken below the blacktop surface what is also a hazard.