Rank: Municipal Avenger Civic Points: 940
  • Pothole Archived
    Eager Beaver Car Wash 201 S Beneva Rd, Sarasota, FL, 34232, USA - Oakwood Manor
    Pothole is located in the east lane of South Beneva Road in front of eager beaver car wash
  • 5391 Fruitville Road Sarasota, Florida - Fruitville
    Thank you for restriping finally Honore. The bike lane from Fruitville North to the Publix parking lot entrance was not completed. The line measurement is present, just need to put white on it and a bicycle emblem. Thank you
  • 600 North Cattlemen Road Sarasota, Florida - Fruitville
    Please sweep north cattlemen rd, from Richardson rd north to Benderson park. Glass in bike path and roadway, I unfortunately rode thru on my bike and received 2 flat tires.
  • BIG pothole Archived
    201 South Beneva Road Sarasota, Florida - Oakwood Manor
    Northbound Beneva, lane closest to Eager Beaver, BIG pothole.
  • 751 North Cattlemen Road Sarasota, Florida - Fruitville
    2nd request. Gravel at the entrance to Benderson park at Honore Avenue and Athlete drive is dangerous for intersection. Please clean up.
  • Honore Avenue Sarasota, Florida - Sarasota County
    The intersection of Athlete drive and honore ave, entrance to Nathan Benderson park has gravel piles from the construction trucks which is dangerous for bicyclists and motorcyclists at the intersection.
    Thank you.
  • 751 North Cattlemen Road Sarasota, Florida - Fruitville
    1800 world championship
    south Bathroom, women's, bathroom floor drain clogged with standing water and the lights for the bathroom are out. Tried light switch, no change.
  • Water left on Archived
    5227 Richardson Road Sarasota , Florida - Fruitville
    The sprinklers that are watering the new dirt at the soccer field have been on for hours and now there is excessive, standing water on the field.
  • 90 Cattleman Road Sarasota, FL - Fruitville
    When heading eastbound out of Lowe's roadway at the light of Cattlemen the eastbound red light is red too long.
  • 497 Honore Ave Sarasota, Florida - Bee Ridge
    The South bound turning lane to go east on new ridge is 3 seconds green arrow only.
  • 1201 South Beneva Road Sarasota, Florida - Sarasota County
    The missing pavers in the intersection eastbound Bahia Vista are a danger to motorcyclists. Please fix.
  • 1800 World Championship Drive Sarasota, Florida - Downtown

    The concrete bathroom located at 1800 World Championship Drive which is the Southwest Concrete bathroom located at Benderson Park in a handicap stall has a continuously running toilet.

    Both bathrooms located at Nathan Benderson Park still require the hand soap dispensers to be fixed in the women's bathroom. You will have to check the men's to confirm operation or not.

  • 499 Honore Avenue Sarasota, Florida - Bee Ridge
    In the mornings the signal for Bee Ridge was green for 10 seconds. East bound traffic is backing up a half mile and west bound beyond Cattleman.
  • No striping Archived
    Honore Avenue Sarasota, Florida - Sarasota County
    There are no lines indicating the directed path for north and southbound traffic on Honore from Fruitville all the way to Richardson Avenue. Especially the bike lane is not marked.