Sharon Boerio

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  • Snow removal Archived
    1121 6th St Nw Canton, OH, 44703, USA - Canton
    Can someone please take a salt truck or plow down these side streets and alleys, they are so bad this morning even 12th Street wasn't clear going up towards Mercy.
  • Snow Archived
    Newton Ave Nw Canton, OH, 44703, USA - Canton
    Can the city please get someone down on Newton and 6th St NW and the alley way over here to clear the snow and salt please, see people having issues getting down the road and Rose ct alley way due to snow and ice.
  • 800-820 Rose Ct Nw Canton, OH, 44703, USA - Canton
    Heads up people around 6th St nw and surrounding streets, we have seen someone in a black hoodie snooping around our house, they will come up onto my porch the min someone looks out they jump off and disappear. So pay close attention and becareful, can't see face all we know it's someone wearing black hoodie.
  • Parking in yard Acknowledged
    1050 6th St Nw Canton, Ohio - Canton
    This property belongs to someone we know, we take care of it for him, we asked this guy to move his vehicle off the lawn due to kids playing there, he got rude. Can anybody notify the property owner? Cuz if this vehicle happens to leak any gas, oil, anitfreeze etc it's a health hazard to pets and kids. It belongs to the tenant in the beige house on 6th St across from big tree and behind ours.
  • Corner Of 9th St And Shorb Ave Canton, Ohio - Canton
    If ya traveling up 9th St ne off Fulton towards Shorb and you come to that stop sign, the left side view to check for oncoming traffic is blocked by trees or weeds, this needs to be cleared so nobody gets hit when driving. You literally almost have to pull out to see past that and that even a risk. Please fix this for people's safety.