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  • 102nd Ave & Graffian St Oakland, CA 94603, USA - North Stonehurst
    This car is parking on the sidewalk blocking pedestrians having to go out in the street. later it parked the opposite direction.
    The family living in this red brick house are always parking illegally and on the front yard. Also people living in the back garage.
  • 1000 101st Ave Oakland, CA 94603, USA - North Stonehurst
    Trash dumped up and down E St and 98th Ave. lots of it! Been there for about one week now.
  • 323 20th St Oakland, CA 94612, USA - Lakeside
    City or Mayor Libby should place garbage cans around Oakland like these in the pictures. They are located on 20th St & Webster St next to the CVS store at the Kaiser Center. Put more around so people walking the street have something to place there trash in (like a trash can, duh).
  • International Blvd & 102nd Ave Oakland, CA 94603, USA - Iveywood
    This issue have gone on for over 2 months now. I reported it several times. Lots of debris spilling out to the street. Looks like squatters living there and possible drug activity. A disgusting site to the neighborhood for all to see. Please investigate what's going on there ASAP!
  • 614 14th St Oakland, CA 94612, USA - San Pablo Gateway
    abandoned smashed up vehicle been sitting there for over 2 weeks with smashed out windows and trash all around it. This is near a business and looks bad to our customers. Please take care of this quickly.