Wayne County, MI Neighbor

  • 9270 Boleyn St Detroit, MI, 48224, USA - US Congressional District MI13
    Tree in line and on roofs
  • POT HOLE Acknowledged
    44142-44170 Ford Rd Canton Twp, MI, 48187, USA - Canton
    This pothole is so massive in the south lane going east closest to Pizza Hut I thought I was going to lose my tire on Ford Road. I did not want to be changing a flat in the dark. It is a big open square in the lane. My coworker actually got a flat from that same spot and had to walk to work today. I avoided that lane all together today, that should not be an issue.
    Unless you have stock in discount tire and going to start paying for the tows, please please please repair it. And thank you in advance.
  • OTHER Closed
    14440 Rosemont Ave Detroit, Michigan, 48223 - US Congressional District MI14
    Dog loose on Rosemont.
  • GRADING Acknowledged
    16715 Franklin Rd Northville MI 48168, United States - US Congressional District MI11
    Road is in horrible condition
  • 48180 Taylor, MI, USA - Taylor
    The Red Bulb on the traffic light on Inkster going borth at eureka road is out.
  • POT HOLE Acknowledged
    13840-13898 Merriman Rd Livonia, MI, 48150, USA - Livonia
    Pothole in middle of intersection Merriman and Schoolcraft - south side right under traffic light- please fix thanks !
  • 12301-12953 Robert St Taylor, MI, 48180, USA - Taylor
    For 3 years I have been begging Wayne Co. Drain Commission to come out and fix out ditches. There are running are foundations of our homes. They come out and say yes, they will scale the road and fix the ditches so the water runs to the big Poet Drain at the end of Northline. No one ever comes to fix it. We pay taxes for this.
  • POT HOLE Acknowledged
    29085-29125 6 Mile Rd Livonia, MI, 48152, USA - Livonia
  • OTHER Archived
    3545 S Bassett St Detroit, Michigan, 48217 - US Congressional District MI13
    Siding falling off on to neighbors property. Hazardous and has caused damage to neighbor’s vehicle. Pieces will continue to fall and could cause injury if not addressed immediately.
  • 20108 Antago St Livonia, Michigan, 48152 - Livonia
    Fallen branches and broken tree limbs overhead which may fall across the road.
  • POT HOLE Acknowledged
    14272 Northville Rd Plymouth, MI 48170, USA - Plymouth Township
    right turn has a giant crack/ pot hole
  • POT HOLE Acknowledged
    18418 Northville Rd Northville, MI 48168, USA - US Congressional District MI11
    2 potholes in fron of moose and kings mill on northville rd
  • STORM DAMAGE Acknowledged
    27201-27399 Westland Rd Redford Twp, MI, 48240, USA - Redford
    There are two trees that got knocked over from the recent storms we had and both are blocking Westland Street, East of Inkster Rd.
    11122-11208 Farmington Rd Livonia, MI, 48150, USA - Livonia
    The Road lines are very faint. They are practically invisible, Please repaint the road lines.
  • Clarita St Detroit, Michigan, 48219 - US Congressional District MI14
    Trees from storm remove from middle of Street to curb for schedule pick but no show today in the neighborhood
  • 25215 Ross Dr Redford Charter Twp, MI 48239, USA - Redford
    the county came chopped up tree branches an left the pile of mulch an branches across from my home. please have them come back an take the mess away
  • W Chicago St & Middlebelt Rd Livonia, MI, 48150, USA - Livonia
    Noticed on 3/3. Red light out on west-facing signal
  • Merriman Rd & Schoolcraft Rd Livonia, MI, 48150, USA - Livonia
    Red light out, South-Facing signal closest to exxon.
  • 37373-37399 7 Mile Rd Livonia, MI, 48152, USA - Livonia
    Hello, I noticed this morning that a traffic signal was broken. It’s facing the south corner at Newburgh and 7 mile on the amber colored light
  • 1341 Barchester St Westland, MI, 48186, USA - Westland
    Large branch broke off of tree near the street and in now blocking part of the street.